Healthy Body Image for Children and Young People Advisory Group minutes: February 2020

Minutes from the seventh meeting of the Advisory Group on 6 February 2020.

Attendees and apologies


Julie Cameron (Co-Chair) 
Katie Reid (Co-Chair) 
Rachel Thomson 
Petya Eckler 
Fiona Duffy 
Helen Sharpe 
Frances Duffy
Simita Kumar
Fariha Thomas


Simita Kumar
Leanne Ferries
Carolyn McKay
Helen Forrest

Secretariat and policy officials from the Scottish Government were also present.


Items and actions

10:00 – Welcome and clearance of minutes 

The Chairs welcomed members to the last meeting of the advisory group.

Minutes were cleared with no amendments. 

10:10 – Proposed approach within sections

Group discussed how to manage language and imagery in the final report. 


  • members to send secretariat a short blurb about themselves and their perspectives on body image

13:35 – Section headings and content

Group discussed what to include in the final report.


  • Petya to look over advertising section
  • Katie and Julie to look at recommendations for regulation and advice

11:00 – Break 

11:10 – Finalising recommendations

Group finalised their recommendations.


  • Fariha to write about resilience
  • Frances to check over system wide recommendations
  • Fariha to look into National Youth Work Strategy

12:00 – Best images to use

Group discussed which images to use from illustrator at the sixth meeting.


  • Julie to send out cartoon images for group to decide

12:30 – Format of final output

Group discussed different options for final outputs. 


  • Julie to share animator costings with SG officials

13:00 – Close

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