Healthy Body Image for Children and Young People advisory group agenda: August 2019

Agenda from the first meeting of the advisory group on 23 August 2019.

13:00 - introductions (15 minutes)

Members to introduce themselves and their organisation.

13:15 – aims (30 minutes)

Members to discuss what they are hoping to bring to the advisory group and what they hope to get out of the advisory group.

13:45 – break (15 minutes)

14:00 - terms of reference and remit of advisory group (30 minutes)

Discussion and agreement on the advisory group's terms of reference, including the group’s remit.

Draft terms of reference attached separately. 

14:30 - working agreement (20 minutes)

Discussion on how the advisory group would like to work.

Discussions around what organisations should present at meetings, such as local area projects or other organisations not represented on the group that members feel should be included.

Future meeting dates from September until January. 

14:50 – AOB (10 minutes)

15:00 - close

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