Health and Social Care Delivery Plan National Programme Board minutes: June 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan: National Programme Board on 7 June 2018.

Attendees and apologies

In attendance

  • Chair: Shirley Rogers, Director of Health Workforce and Strategic Change
  • John Burns, Regional Implementation Lead for the West
  • Angiolina Foster, National Implementation Lead
  • Theresa Fyffe, Staff Representation
  • Geoff Huggins, Director for Health and Social Care Integration
  • Alison Taylor, Health and Social Care Integration
  • Elizabeth Ireland, Chair NHS National Services Scotland
  • Jason Leitch, Director for Health Care Quality and Improvement
  • Christine McLaughlin, Director of Health Finance
  • Margo McGurk, Representing Caroline Lamb
  • David Williams, Chief Officer
  • Andrew Scott, Director Population Health Improvement
  • Jacqui Simpson, Representing Paul Hawkins
  • Carol Goodman, Representing Malcolm Wright


  • Malcolm Wright, Regional Implementation Lead for the North
  • Caroline Lamb, National Implementation Lead
  • Paul Hawkins, Interim Regional Implementation Lead for the East
  • Andrew Kerr, Health and Social Care Lead for SOLACE
  • John Wood, Health and Social Care Policy Lead for CoSLA


  • Phil Raines, Head of Strategic Change Division
  • Isabella De Wit, Head of Board Reform, Strategic Change Division
  • Shona Cameron, Communications, Strategic Change Division
  • Rebecca Shevlin, Strategic Change Division
  • David Bedwell, NHS Executive Support
  • Robert Spratt, Secretariat 

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies

1. Shirley Rogers welcomed Members to the tenth meeting of the Programme Board, specifically:

  • Jacqui Simpson, representing Paul Hawkins
  • Carol Goodman, representing Malcolm Wright

2. Full list of attendees and apologies are at Annex A.  

3. The chair explained that the meeting was focused on the Discussion Documents, produced by the regions and national boards.  She had met with the Cabinet Secretary and First Minister, who are pleased with the draft plans and direction of travel.  Ministers identified a number of areas that they are keen to see progressed. In particular, the need for the plans to:

  • carefully considered communications and public engagement
  • form the basis to exchange learning and practice between the regions and the national Boards
  • be part of the solution and a vehicle to accelerate change – locally, regionally and nationally

4. Shirley Rogers recognised the work that has been done by Leads, their teams, and the work with partners, to get the Discussion Documents to this point.  The regional approach was discussed at the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee on Tuesday 5 May.  At this meeting, the Convener Lewis Macdonald observed: “The First Minister believes regional relationships will grow organically.”  -mirroring the ‘emergent strategy’ approach adopted by the Board for transformational change.  

5. The Board agreed its objectives for this meeting were to focus on the Discussion Documents and:

  • identify how the Board could drive and monitor implementation to accelerate transformational change
  • agree the process for communications and engagement

Matters arising 

6. The minutes of 16 April 2018 were agreed without amendment.

7. Christine McLaughlin provided an update on Action 55 confirming the Financial Framework had been shared in draft with some members and the timing of publication is being considered by the Scottish Cabinet.  

8. The remaining outstanding actions from the Actions Log would either be picked up on the agenda or brought forward to future meetings.  

Progress report

9. Phil Raines introduced paper NPB 2018/07-06/1 which provided the National Programme Board with a progress update on the key programmes within the Delivery Plan.  In the detailed discussions that followed the Board:

  • noted the progress of the underlying programmes and the escalated risks and issues
  • agreed an update on the restructuring of the Adult Social Care Reform governance should be provided to Programme Board
  • the change in planned dates for the Elective Treatment Centres
  • agreed the change in the planned date for Realistic Medicine
  • agreed the change in planned date for the proof of concept initial 3 maps (Atlas of Variation)
  • agreed the change in planned date for Public Health

Action 64:  Secretariat to arrange for an update on the new governance arrangements for Adult Social Care Reform. 

High level tracker 

10. Phil Raines gave a presentation on the early development of a high level tracker (Action 57) to reflect the Board’s transformational ambitions and strategic direction.  During the discussion that followed the NPB noted and agreed:

  • the high-level tracker needs to focus on outcomes and impacts on people as result  of transformational change(s), looking ahead five to 10 years
  • need to consider best practice approaches to measuring successful change outcomes / impacts and these should be complementary to the Programme for Government commitments
  • a small group should be established with Jason Leitch, Geoff Huggins, Angiolina Foster, a HIS senior representative and Justine Westwood to make recommendations to the Board on the high-level tracker

Action 65:  Justine Westwood to establish a small group, including Jason Leitch, Geoff Huggins, Angiolina Foster, and a Healthcare Improvement Scotland representative, to develop the high-level tracker for transformational change.  

Discussion documents 

11. John Burns and Angiolina Foster provided a presentation on the Discussion Documents based on the draft plans, each incorporating main themes of service redesign, digital and data developments, workforce and the financial challenges.  

12. In the discussion that the followed the group noted and agreed the:

  • Discussion Documents represent a firm foundation, that frames the challenges and provides strong regional collaborative partnerships relations from which to transform health and social care services
  • plans should not be considered in isolation, but as part of a wide-ranging programme of reform
  • plans are the beginning of thinking on what services might be transformed, we should continue to be on the look-out for successful proposals for change at scale
  • regional and national leads are working up a collective financial bid for Transformational Funding to be submitted to the Scottish Government for approval.  The Board will receive updates on the funded commitments and their progress

Communications and engagement

13. Phil Raines provided a presentation on the communications and engagement approach to complement paper NPB/2018/07-06/02.  John Burns provided a presentation on the communications and engagement approach from a regional perspective and key ‘next steps’ for the Discussion Documents.  

14. During the discussion that followed the NPB noted and agreed:

  • national and regional communications and engagement activity will be coordinated by the regional / national boards’ communications leads
  • national and regional Discussion Papers to be made publicly available, due by end of June
  • national and regional engagement  with key stakeholders and communities will be led by the Implementation Leads from June – September, after that formal agreement will be sought from each relevant NHS Board
  • the engagement and communications approach needs to be collaborative, reaching well beyond health and social care groups – this may require different approaches such as using social media to reach as broad an interested audience as possible
  • careful consideration is required on the language used to engage widely across, and beyond, the health and social care audience
  • there is a need to recognise and coordinate where possible with on-going related engagements, such as the Local Governance Review, as part of the broader Public Service Reform agenda
  • the Scottish Government will coordinate national messaging, including a national website, the National Summary Discussion Document, relevant campaigns (e.g. funding announcements, Ministerial visits, local stories); national stakeholder events and Parliamentary engagement

15. The National Programme Board concluded the engagement on the Discussion Documents should start as early as possible, and that delivery of agreed actions should begin as soon as possible.  

AOB and next meeting

16. The next meeting of the Board is 12 July, 12.30 – 15.00 at the Scottish Health Services Centre, Western General Edinburgh.   



13 June 2018 



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