Health and Social Care Data Board meeting minutes: November 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the health and social care data board on 07 November 2023

Attendees and apologies


  • Carol Sinclair (CS)

Board members

  • Alan bell (AB)
  • Colin Birchenall (CB)
  • Jonathan Cameron (JC)
  • Susan Cloke (SC)
  • Joe Deary (JD)
  • Euan Dick (ED)
  • Mel Giarchi (MG)
  • Roger Halliday (RG)
  • Scott Heald (SH)
  • Lisa Hill (LH)
  • Mavis Machirori (MM)
  • Martin Murchie (MMu)
  • Lewis Ritchie (LR)
  • Jonathon Todd (JT)
  • Alison White (AW)

Programme team

  • Ryan Anderson (RA)
  • Simon Crawley (SCr)
  • Ruth Griffith (RG)
  • Alistair Hodgson (AH)
  • Gemma Wilson (GW)

In attendance

  • Tom Barlow (TB)
  • Niel Grant (NG)
  • Sarah Lowry (SL)
  • Brendan O'Brien (BO'B)
  • Marian McNeil (MMc)
  • Michael Mawdsley (MMa)
  • Layla Robinson (LR)
  • Penni Rocks (PR)
  • Neil Sinclair (NS)


  • Marion Bain (MB)
  • Albert King AK)
  • Eilidh McLaughlin (EM)

Items and actions

Welcome, Introductions and Apologies.

CS welcomed everyone to the ninth meeting of the Health and Social Care Data Board.

Neil Grant was in attendance as an observer to consider how the Health and Social Care Data Board ensures there are suitable links across the Data Board, Health and Social Care Data Delivery Sub-Board, Health and Social Care Data Standards Sub-Board and the Scottish Care Data and Intelligence Programme Board.

Apologies from Marion Bain (MB), Albert King (AK), Eilidh McLaughlin (EM)

Minutes and Action Log

The board noted:

  • minutes of the previous meeting held on 15 September 2023 were agreed as true and published on our website
  • all presentations from the previous meeting have been issued to board members

Outstanding actions:

  • CS to reach out to data board members regarding setting up a short-term working group to take Data Maturity and Data Transformation forward.
  • AK will provide feedback from lessons learned following participation in the upcoming Data Maturity cohort to a future data board meeting (Not possible to update at this time, will be advised at a future date)
  • MG to consider the standards being used in the data collections underway through the Data for Insight work (update of action received and action log updated)
  • Miren Elena Beratarbide to develop detailed KPI’s to bring to a future Data Delivery Sub-Board meeting to help clarifying what the Information Governance – Code of Conducts will achieve in the short, medium and long term (update of action received and action log updated)

All other action items have been completed and are up to date.

Policy update

Carol Sinclair introduced this new item and advised members this item will be a substantive item for all future data board meetings.

Ruth Griffith provided an update on the development of a business case for the new Community Health Index (CHI) system and how CHI seeding is anticipated to be used in local government and social care.

Ruth Griffith also advised COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) are in the process of setting up a working group with SOLAR (Scottish Online Assessment Resources) members. The aim is to find alignment regarding a Code of Conduct and Information Governance that is suitable across local government and local authorities.

Gemma Wilson provided an update of the development of a prioritisation matrix for the data strategy deliverables, as well as updates on protected characteristics data, New CHI and National Care Service.

The Board was asked:

  • to acknowledge the updates

Next steps:

RG will bring the CHI Business case to a future Data Board meeting for members input.

GW will update board members of the outcomes of the prioritisation matrix to a future Data Board meeting.

RG and GW to produce short written updates to share with board members prior to future Data Board meetings.

RH will reach out to AK, CS, RG, GW and RA, to arrange a follow up discussion around access and linkage of local authority data for research and analysis.

Data Strategy Update

Gemma Wilson provided an overview of the approach to produce an update of the data strategy for April 2024.

The presentation covered:

  • the approach and timelines expected for developing a data strategy update, providing an overview of the progress made and highlighting key achievements and associated benefits

The Board was asked:

  • to consider, comment and agree on the proposed approach and timescales for publishing the update

The Board discussed:

  • the use of case studies to demonstrate the benefits arising from the progress of the data strategy

The Board agreed:

  • on the approach and timelines to develop the data strategy update

Next steps:

GW will bring the first draft of the data strategy update to the Data Board at the January meeting for input.

Revision of the Safe Havens Charter

Tom Barlow provided an overview of the plans to revise the charter for Safe Havens.

The presentation covered:

  • the rationale for revising the Safe Havens Charter
  • the benefits associated with revising the charter
  • how this aligns with other parts of the UK
  • proposals for what a revised charter will cover
  • who should be involved in the development of the revised charter

The Board was asked:

  • to consider the paper provided and the benefits of revising and implementing an NHS Data Safe Haven Charter
  • agree the suggested approach to revising the charter
  • consider the benefits of independent accreditation and agree to consideration of this as part of a revised charter
  • agree the Scottish Government or NHS Scotland policy lead for a revised charter (and associated accreditation arrangements) given a revised charter will in essence be an information governance and e-health security policy statement

The Board discussed:

  • regional and the national safe havens provide safe and trusted access to different data including access to some social care data from local government data
  • the need to ensure the work on a revised charter and an associated accreditation process should take into account work of the data and intelligence group and on the Information Governance Code of conduct.
  • the revised Safe Haven Charter could lead to greater data sharing between Health Boards to achieve the aim to have a wider population coverage of data than currently through safe havens
  • public trust of what the Safe Havens do is vital and can be supported through a revised charter and associated accreditation scheme
  • Health Board DPO input into a revised charter is important.

The board agreed:

  • to support the development and revision of the Safe Havens Charter

Next steps:

RH, TB, ED, AH, RA, and GW to arrange a follow up meeting to discuss the ownership and what a revised safe haven charter

Seer 2

Neil Sinclair provided an update on the progress of the Seer 2 programme.

The presentation covered:

  • Progress made to date

The board was asked:

  • To note the update
  • To highlight any areas of challenge needing support or escalation from the Data Board

The board discussed:

  • The need to look at where opportunities exists regarding a joined-up approach of tools and technology to deliver collaboration

The Board agreed:

  • To note the update and the benefits associated with the Seer 2 cloud-based platform

Next Steps:

JD, SC and AK to arrange a follow up to discuss data trust and how this can be adopted at a local government level.

General Practice Editorial Board (GPEB)

Sarah Lowry and Brendan O’Brien presented an overview of the plans to integrate the GPEB, for which National Services Scotland have recently received funding.

The presentation covered:

  • The intended structure and approach to implement GPEB.

The board was asked:

  • To note the proposed establishment of a GPEB
  • To use its influence to elevate the strategic importance of the GPEB
  • Provide advice on any opportunities to align public and professional communication and engagement with other relevant programmes of work

The board agreed:

  • To provide advice and support to GPEB as required

Next steps:

RH to make arrangements to introduction SL and BO’B to HDRUK colleagues.

RH, SL, BO’B, MS and RA to arrange a follow up meeting to discuss engagement and taking the work of GPEB forward.

Any Other Business

Next Data Board meeting: Tuesday 30 January 2024 13:00-15:30

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