Health and Social Care Data Board meeting minutes: 8 March 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 8 March 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Board members

  • Colin Birchenall (CB)
  • Susan Cloke (SC)
  • Euan Dick (ED)
  • Nicola Edge (NE)
  • Lorna Gibbs (LG)
  • Scott Heald (SH)
  • Karen Hedge (KH)
  • Albert King (AK)
  • Eilidh McLaughlin (EMcL)
  • Martin Murchie (MM)
  • Lewis Ritchie (LR)
  • Penni Rocks (PR)
  • Jonathon Todd (JT)
  • Alison White (AW)

In attendance

  • Alan Aitken (AA)
  • Julie Falconer (JF)

Prog. team

  • Ryan Anderson (RA)
  • Simon Crawley (SCr)
  • Alistair Hodgson (AH)
  • Imme Jones (IJ)
  • Gemma Wilson (GW)


  • Anita Morrison (AM)
  • Jonathon Todd (JT)

Items and actions

Welcome, introductions and apologies

JC welcomed everyone to the first Health and Social Care Data Board meeting.

Apologies were noted from Anita Morrison and Jonathon Todd.

Attendees were invited to introduce themselves and explain their interest in the use of data to improve health and care in Scotland.

Overview of the Data Strategy

IJ provided an overview of the Data Strategy (PowerPoint Presentation 1) including the vision, current progress, key milestones, formal consultation and engagement undertaken with stakeholders and citizens.

The board agreed:

  • the vision for the data strategy
  • key milestones and timelines
  • formal consultation to go live in spring 2022
  • emerging themes from current engagements

Overview of governance landscape most relevant to the Data Board

RA provided an overview of the current governance landscape for health and social care and the wider governance sector (PowerPoint Presentation 2). The overview included Sectoral and Wider Ecosystem governance, Digital Health and Care governance and Health Ecosystem governance.

The group noted:

  • the governance landscape for Digital Health and Care
  • wider sectoral governance on data
  • other relevant governance in the health ecosystem

Next steps

1. RA to update governance slides to include suggestions from the Board and arrange a follow up meeting with ED to discuss Life Sciences and the Industry Leadership group.

Terms of reference (ToR)

RA presented the Terms of Reference to the group (Discussion Paper 1).

The group noted:

  • members discussed the ToR
  • discussion on membership – do we have representatives from all the organisations required?
  • members agreed the operational arrangements for the board

The board discussed:

The board discussed additional organisations that may be suitable to include as members of the Data Board however it was agreed that membership would remain as is and the Board would invite additional representatives to attend Board meetings when it was appropriate to do so.

The board agreed:

  • the ToR would be updated to include risk management and the key purpose of the board would be amended
  • ToR to be reviewed regularly as the strategy develops
  • decisions and recommendations to Ministers to come directly from the board
  • RA will be the secretariat, looking to recruit an independent chair
  • minutes will be distributed to members and published online

Next steps

2. RA to amend the ToR to reflect the following:

  • include risk management
  • amend the key purpose to include meeting the needs of citizens as well as the needs of the Heath and Care sector
  • decisions and recommendations will be within the remit of the Board

3. RA to recirculate the ToR to members once amendments have been made.

4. SC to arrange publication of Data Board minutes on

Scheduling of Data Board meetings

The board agreed:

  • meeting occurrence will be scheduled to coincide with key milestones of the Data Strategy

Next steps

RA to issue meeting invites to Board for follow up meetings.

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