HARP Information Bulletin 22: October 2016

Progress made in the Housing and Regeneration Programmes (HARP) project.

Housing And Regeneration Programmes (HARP)

Information Bulletin no. 22 – October 2016


Since our last newsletter we have been busy testing standard reports, retesting data migration from our existing TRS system and retesting the system interfaces between our financial payments system and the two TMDF authorities – Edinburgh and Glasgow. The interface testing was successful, but there are still outstanding issues with data migration and reports to be addressed. Although disappointing, we want to ensure that the data held and extracted from the system is 100% reliable given that it is used to manage budgets, report against Ministerial targets and form the basis of Official Statistics.

Timescales for "go-live"

We are currently assessing the time required to complete the outstanding work which will allow us to agree a revised go-live date which is realistic, achievable and fits with our business cycles.

We still intend to allow for a four to five week business transition phase, following delivery of the completed HARP system, to allow SG staff and our partners to undertake system familiarisation together before we actually go live with HARP.

Wider access to the system and familiarisation

Once a revised date is agreed, we will be in email contact with stakeholders to refresh contact details and will plan to release a version of the system to all HARP users four to five weeks prior to our official go-live date. Supporting this will be specific HARP guidance and training tools as well as updated Guidance Notes. This business transition window will allow users to gauge the usefulness of this support material and help us improve on it for "Go-Live".

Important information

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and for the support and interest you have shown to date for HARP whether through user testing or attendance at awareness session, while we work hard to deliver a system which is 100% fit for purpose. Importantly, business can continue as normal whilst we conclude the project so please continue to follow existing business and payment schedules until further notice. We will continue to keep you updated through our newsletters and through your local contacts. We would be grateful if you would pass this information on to your colleagues who are involved in any work to submit projects for grant approval and make payment claims.

Next steps

  • our local Area Teams will continue to discuss the HARP Project with partner organisations at their regular programme and liaison meetings

  • we will advise you as soon as we have a revised timescale for "Go-Live"

  • look out for the request to update and return your organisations' staff contact details

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries about the HARP project.

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Kirsty Henderson – Project Manager Email: Kirsty.Henderson@Gov.Scot Direct Dial: 0141 242 5495

Sharon McGuire – Project Team member and Communication Officer Email: Sharon.McGuire@Gov.Scot Direct Dial: 0141 242 5493

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