Grangemouth Future Industry Board minutes: December 2020

Minutes from the second meeting of the Grangemouth Future Industry Board on 14 December 2020.

Attendees and apologies


  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Falkirk Council
  • Forth Valley College
  • Scottish Development International
  • Scottish Futures Trust
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Transport Scotland

Items and actions


The purpose of this meeting was to agree finalised board composition and governance documents, update members on progress of actions from meeting 1, agree workstream leads and provide an update on potential GFIB strategic indicators.

Key Board decisions

- SEPA to have permanent representation at GFIB (as opposed to ad hoc basis)

- Board composition – we now have comprehensive expertise across the sector and the board is at the optimal number

- governance documents were agreed (only additions being; (i) community engagement in PID and (ii) members organisation and role in ToR)

- priorities over the next 12 months should also include the flood protection scheme and EU exit

- workstream leads were agreed:

  • Strategic Investment – SDI and SG
  • Project Development - SE
  • Infrastructure – SFT and FC
  • Grangemouth Regulatory Hub - SEPA and SG
  • Resilience Planning – SG

- strategic indicators to be revisited working with OCEA and SE analytical and account management teams (and comments shared by the board) and brought back to meeting 3

- one pager to be circulated with board papers if there are any key announcements/news from Grangemouth to keep the board informed

Actions summary

Action no. Action description Date for completion
1 Secretariat to invite a SEPA representative to join GFIB 23/02/2021
2 Secretariat to add community engagement link to PID 23/02/2021
3 Board members to email secretariat with any milestones to be included in the policy interdependencies section of Relationship and Governance slide pack 23/02/2021
4 The following to be incorporated into GFIB priorities over the next 12 months document:
  • flood protection scheme to be included in to priorities (under infrastructure workstream)
  • EU Exit response 
5 On Workstream Leads:
  • Falkirk Council to agree infrastructure workstream co-lead contact name
  • SG Environment colleagues to agree Grangemouth Regulatory Hub lead contact name 
6 In the ToR, include which organisation and what role members have so workstream leads can reach out for support and bring their expertise in to develop plans 23/02/2021
7 Board members to review strategic indicators and suggest any changes/additions to the list and report back to secretariat 23/02/2021
8 Secretariat to work with OCEA and SE analytical and account management teams to  agree strategic indicators and bring to meeting 3 – ensuring these are cross checked with the 12 month priorities document 23/02/2021
9 Secretariat to include a rolling one-pager (when circulating board papers to members) on any key announcements/news from Grangemouth to keep the board updated 23/02/2021
10 Falkirk Council and Transport Scotland to discuss prioritising infrastructure work and how that fits in with Falkirk TIF, to be facilitated by Secretariat 23/02/2021
11 Secretariat to include Flood Protection Scheme as an agenda item in meeting 3 23/02/2021
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