Grangemouth Future Industry Board minutes: August 2022

Minutes of the meeting held on 11 August 2022.

Attendees and apologies

  • Falkirk Council
  • Net Zero Nation
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Scottish Futures Trust
  • Scottish Government
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Transport Scotland

Items and actions


The meeting covered three substantive items:

  • presentation from Net Zero Nation (NZN)
  • Scottish Enterprise update on development of the stakeholder engagement plan
  • updates from workstream leads

Key Board decisions/points raised at GFIB meeting 9

  • Net Zero Nation delivered a presentation on their proposed project - a Net Zero Pilot Accelerator of 20 SMEs to help decarbonise the Grangemouth Supply Chain
  • the Net Zero Accelerator Programmes are 12-month programmes created for SMEs by SMEs
  • by the end of the Programme, SMEs will have received the following:
    • independently audited carbon accounts
    • SECR compliancy report
    • 12-month subscription to our Carbon Accountancy Software with full training
    • help and support to produce carbon accounts
    • education on taking carbon out of their business
    • participation in UN Race to Zero
    • regular collaboration sessions with the cohort for shared learnings
  • GFIB will gain independently verified carbon emissions data that can be used to drive better decision making in decarbonising Grangemouth
  • Board members were content to proceed and support the Net Zero Nation Project
  • Scottish Enterprise are leading on the development of a stakeholder engagement plan for GFIB
  • the GFIB Stakeholder engagement plan will:
    • ensure two-way communications with relevant parts of the business base
    • an ability to consult with the businesses on topics relevant to GFIB (e.g. Just Transition Plan and Regulatory Hub) to gather collective intelligence
    • develop key messaging across the GFIB themes and for various stakeholders
    • UK Government engagement in the ambitions of GFIB and resultant projects and
    • alignment with other partnership groups e.g. Falkirk Economic Partnership, Falkirk Growth Deal Board
  • workstream leads provided updates on Infrastructure, Project Development and Strategic Investment, Regulatory Hub, Skills, and Just Transition

Actions summary

  • GFIB update submission to be shared with members as requested
  • NZN to connect with Zero Emissions Truck Taskforce to promote the Net Zero Accelerator project 
  • NZN to check carbon accounting methodology is consistent with other programmes in the Grangemouth area
  • Secretariat to arrange meetings between account managers and NZN
  • NZN to meet with REPs and Growth Deals Team
  • Reg Hub workstream Lead to share work from the Reg Hub with NZN
  • Reg Hub workstream Lead to meet with Just Transition and Net Zero Workstream Lead on engagement with businesses about decarbonisation strategies
  • members to nominate comms specialist from their organisation to develop the narrative and key comms messaging
  • Secretariat to arrange meeting between SE Stakeholder Engagement Plan Lead and Scottish Government’s Just Transition Unit 
  • Secretariat to arrange meeting between TS and Falkirk Council to discuss progress on the A801
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