GP partner minimum earnings expectation 2019: guidance

Guidance and application form for the GP partner minimum earning expectation.

The GP partner minimum earnings expectation was agreed[1] as part of Phase 1 of the new GP contract and will apply from 1 April 2019. 

The expectation is that no whole time equivalent (“WTE”) GP partner in a practice will earn less than the minimum earnings expectation  of £70,000 per annum plus employers superannuation. This equates to £84,630 per annum per WTE GP partner in the practice, before deduction of employees and employers superannuation. The £70,000 figure excludes some NHS income[2] and excludes all non-NHS (private) income.

If you are not sure if your practice will qualify for the minimum earnings expectation or have any queries about this guidance please contact your accountant in the first instance.


[1] See Annex B of the guidance

[2] For example extended hours (where income is earned out with core hours) and golden hellos.

GP partner minimum earnings expectation: 2019 guidance



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