Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group minutes: August 2016

Record of discussion for the August 2016 meeting of the Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group.

Attendees and apologies


David Sigsworth, Chair (DS), Elizabeth Leighton (EL), Alan Ferguson (AF), Donna Burnett (DB), Norman Kerr (NK), Gordon Grant (GG), Trisha McAuley (TM), Ade Kearns (AC), Teresa Bray (TB), Tony Cain (TC), Craig Slater (CS)


Angus Macleod (AM), Scottish Government


Trisha McAuley, Marion Davis

In attendance

Christine McArthur (CMcA), note taker

Items and actions

DS welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 14 July 2016 were circulated prior to this meeting. These were approved.

Update from minutes

Meeting with Naomi Eisenstadt: A short note of this meeting has been circulated.

Cabinet Secretary meeting: DS has written to Kevin Stewart again. A meeting has been scheduled with Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities for early October. AM will double check this.

External meetings planned:
DS and EL have a meeting scheduled with Sheena Brown, Head of Consumer and Competition Policy Unit, Directorate for Economic Development, Scottish Government. DS and EL have a visit planned to Dormont Park Passivhaus Development in Dumfresshire. EL is planning to visit some of the possible case studies we will be highlighting in the final report.

2. SWG Full Report

There was a short discussion about the way in which the report is presented. Executive Summary:

  • It should be concise – aim for about 2 pp
  • There will also be a foreword from the Chair.
  • Main messages (use format - issue followed by recommendation):
    • Current approach is not enough, need a new strategy based on principle of social justice – everyone in Scotland should be able to afford and achieve affordable warmth and energy use
    • Must address all 4 causes
    • Collaborative approach and leadership required at national and local levels
    • Impact of the strategy should be measured against the outcome of affordable warmth and energy use. (To include definition here as well)

There was also some discussion about which other groups/individuals should be contacted with regards to receiving comments on the report.

EL and DB to discuss the possibility of inviting some local groups to a workshop to discuss how they set up their partnership agreements and how well these work. It was agreed that neither of the reports would be circulated to these groups.

TC indicated that he would have to share the interim report with some of his colleagues to enable them to comment allowing TC to give the views of his organisation.

DS thanked EL for all her work pulling the report together.

EL reminded the group that this was their report and they would therefore be required to give their suggestions and endorsement for the report. EL also stressed that there is a very tight timescale for the Report.

EL gave a presentation which outlined the following:

  • General comments on presentation, length, illustrations
  • Identification of gaps, case studies
  • Discussion and agreement on recommendations
  • Suggested timetable for completion

Topics discussed included:

  • General comments on the presentation, length and illustrations in the report
  • Gaps
  • Case studies
  • Agreement on recommendations
  • Timetable for completion of report
  • The length and order of the executive summary
  • The order in which different sections should appear
  • Terminology

3. Next Steps

Suggested timetable for completion:

  • Aug 25th – SWG comments to EL
  • Sept 8th – second draft, SWG comments by Sept 15th
  • Sept 29th – EL circulates 3rd draft to SWG
  • Oct 6th – SWG meeting to approve final draft
  • Submission to Cabinet Secretary

Everyone was asked to adhere to the timetable as time is very limited.

DS closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their time and continued input.


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