Private rented sector - rent increase frequency: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) results for frequency of rent increases in the private rented sector.

Equality Impact Assessment Results

Title of Policy:

Part 1, Chapter 3 - Housing (Scotland) Bill - preventing rents from being increased during the first 12 months of a PRT not in a rent control area

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy:

These measures in the Bill are intended to build on the existing requirements in the 2016 Act on the frequency at which rents can be increased, making clear that rent increases cannot take place during the first 12 months of a tenancy. This is aligned with the existing requirements in relation to rent increases – whereby rent can only be increased once in any 12 month period – and would provide clarity and certainty for both landlords and tenants on the rent that will apply for the first 12 months of any tenancy.


Directorate for Local Government and Housing: Better Homes Division: Housing Legislation and Reform Unit.



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