Monitoring fish landings by EU boats in Scottish Ports: EIR release

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Information requested

Could you let me know if you are monitoring overlanded fish landings by EU boats in Scottish Ports?

If you are not?

Then why Not?


The Marine Directorate of the Scottish Government monitors and inspects landings, following a riskbased approach, into Scottish ports by EU vessels (Fishing vessels registered in an EU member state, not in the UK) where the fish is overlanded – meaning situations where fish is landed by EU vessels into Scottish ports, with all or part of the catch landed, being consigned elsewhere.

The following numbers of inspections and monitors on EU vessels landing into Scottish ports where the catch has been fully or partially consigned elsewhere have been recorded by Marine Directorate Fishery Offices in the last two years.

The inspections are defined as following:

  • An Article 76 inspection is a full inspection that can include, in addition to the catch on board and landed catch, inspections on fishing gear and other legal requirements. For interest, Article 76 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009 (EU retained legislation) can be found here.
  • Full inspection (monitor) is a full catch inspection.
  • Part inspection: An inspection can be an inspection on board the vessel where the catch is partially inspected, and other checks carried out.
  • Marine Directorate Inspections and monitors in Scottish Ports of Overlanded Fish Landed by European Union Members States vessels.  January 2022 – January 2024

Marine Directorate Inspections and monitors in Scottish Ports of Overlanded Fish Landed by European Union Members States vessels - January 2022 – January 2024

FO Lochinver

  • 108 Article 76 inspections
  • 15 full inspections
  • 84 part inspections

FO Lerwick

  • 4 Article 76 inspections
  • 4 part inspections (9 landings by European Union Member States vessels all together)

FO Scrabster

  • 17 Article 76 inspections
  • 23 full Inspections
  • 5 part inspections

FO Ullapool

  • 8 Article 76 inspections
  • 7 full inspections
  • 2 part inspections

Additional information provided out with the EIRs

Under regulation 9 of the EIRs (our duty to provide advice and assistance) we would like to provide some additional information that may be of interest.

Marine Directorate publishes information in relation to boardings and inspections of vessels in Scottish waters; this includes coastal inspections in Scottish ports as well as “Article 76” inspections which may include further checks for example fishing gear, catch landed etc. These published figures break down inspections by nationality and can be found here:

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