Racism in cricket in Scotland: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

Information requested

1. The dates and locations of all meetings between 1 July 2021 and 31 March 2023 Humza Yousaf had (a) with sportscotland and Cricket Scotland or (b) just with Cricket Scotland or (c) just with sportscotland at which racism in cricket in Scotland was discussed.

2. The names of all those who attended those meetings.

3. The minutes, notes of meetings or any other forms of recording the discussions of those meetings.

4. Any and all letters, emails or other forms of communication (including messages) which preceded or followed those meetings (a) from Mr. Yousaf, or any anyone acting on his behalf or the Minister for Sport or anyone acting on her behalf to sportscotland and/or Cricket Scotland or (b) from sportscotland or from Cricket Scotland to Mr. Yousaf or anyone acting on his behalf or to the Minister for Sport or anyone acting on her behalf.

5. The same information sought in numbers 1-4 above in relation to any meeting between Cricket Scotland and/or sportscotland with any government minister, member of the Scottish Parliament or civil servant in the same period and relating to the same issue.


As per your request, I have provided attached a table of meetings which have between 01 July 2021 and 31 March 2023. I have included the relevant meeting documents which are signposted within the table.

An exemption under sections S.38(1)(b) Personal Information of FOISA applies to some of the information you have requested. These exemptions prevents us releasing the personal information of officials who are below the rank of Senior Civil Servant. This exemption is not subject to the 'public interest test', so we are not required to consider if the public interest in disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in applying the exemption.

An exemption under section 29(1)(a) of FOISA (formulation or development of government policy) applies to some the information requested because it relates to the development] of the Scottish Government’s policy. This exemption is subject to the ‘public interest test’. Therefore, taking account of all the circumstances of this case, we have considered if the public interest in disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in applying the exemption. We have found that, on balance, the public interest lies in favour of upholding the exemption.

We recognise that there is a public interest in disclosing information as part of open, transparent and accountable government, and to inform public debate. However, there is a greater public interest in high quality policy and decision-making, and in the properly considered implementation and development of policies and decisions. This means that Ministers and officials need to be able to consider all available options and to debate those rigorously, to fully understand their possible implications. Their candour in doing so will be affected by their assessment of whether the discussions on position of trust legislation will be disclosed in the near future, when it may undermine or constrain the Government’s view on that policy while it is still under discussion and development.

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