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Information requested

You asked 4 questions for the following working groups:

A. Scottish Road Research Board

B. Road Traffic Fatality Working Group

C. Transport Scotland Pavement Working Group

1. What was the date of formation of these groups?

2. Who is a member of these group?

3. What is the cost to the Scottish Government of operating these group from the date of formation to 4/10/23?

4. Are any members of these group remunerated, if so what for?


To aid with my response I have retained the numbering from your request above:

A. Scottish Road Research Board:
1. The Scottish Road Research Board was formed in 2011 following a recommendation by the National Road Maintenance Review in 2010 aimed at identifying efficiencies and service sharing opportunities across Scotland’s trunk and local road authorities.

2. Current membership includes representatives from Transport Scotland, the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS – the umbrella body for local authorities) and the Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner.

3. An annual operating cost of circa £40k was incurred from 2011 to 2022 for ongoing secretariat and management services to the board. Secretariat services were taken inhouse by Transport Scotland in 2022 at no cost. The board has had a fixed annual budget of £400k to fund its research programme.

4. No members of the group are remunerated, all board members give their time freely with no charge.

B. Road Traffic Fatality Working Group:
1. The first meeting of the working group was March 2021.

2. The group includes representatives from Police Scotland and Transport Scotland.

3. The group has been provided with £59,416.00 funding to date to deliver research work.

4. No members of the group are remunerated for their time.

C. Transport Scotland Pavement Working Group:
1. The Transport Scotland Pavement Forum came into existence in 2010.

2. The following organisations are represented: Transport Scotland Roads Directorate, Transport Scotland Major Projects Directorate, Mineral Products Association, Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS), Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, Eurobitume, Road Design Consultants and The Institute of Asphalt Technology.

3. Total cost from 2010 till 4/10/23 is circa £180,000 for technical secretariat services, including additional short-life technical working groups, the production of technical papers/formal guidance documents; and dissemination of technical findings.

4. WSP (consultants) are paid to act as Secretariat for the TS Pavement Forum as well as any short-life working groups, for the production of technical papers and the dissemination of any technical guidance coming from the Pavement Forum. No other members are paid for attending and give their time freely.

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