Social Security Scotland Multi-Functional Devices and printing/scanning services contracts: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

Information requested

Information relating to the authority's current Multi-Functional Devices and printing/scanning services contract(s).

1. What services are included in the contract(s)? (e.g. printing vs scanning etc)
2. Which supplier is delivering them? (If in-house, please confirm or if multiple provider please identify them)
3. How many contracts does this entail and what's the award value for each?
4. When do these contracts expire and do they have any extensions?
5. What is the annual volumetric data (split by Annual Mono and Annual Colour print)?
6. What is the total number of devices supplied?
7. What Managed Print Service software solution do you use?
8. How many Mono MFDs and Colour MFDs do you have?
9. What document management solution do you use?
10. What High Volume printing devices do you use?
11. Were any framework agreements used to procure the goods/services? If so, which ones?
12. Any documentation you can provide me with, e.g. the order form
13. What department is managing the contract and who's the decision-maker?
14. How many Adobe Acrobat (standard, professional and reader) licenses do you have?
15. What is the annual cost?
16. When is the renewal date?
17. Who is responsible for the contract?
18. Do you use any other PDF editing tools?”


I have provided the information you requested below:

1. There is a description of the services provided on the Scottish Government frameworks and contracts webpage:

2. Ricoh (UK) Ltd have delivered these services for Social Security Scotland.

3. We have used the Scottish Government framework to call off 28 multi- functional devices. Costs for the lease of each of these devices is £71,064.00 in total for 4 years plus pay as you go costs (£5,119.52 in financial year 2021/2022).

4. Each contract runs for a period of 4 years and the last contract will expire 28 February 2026. There are no extensions applicable.


  • Annual Mono 125,163
  • Annual Colour 44,845

6. 28 devices have been supplied.

7. We use the Equitrac Secure Print Solution in conjunction with the Ricoh devices as a managed print service.

8. We have 28 Colour MFDs and no Mono MFDs.


  • Electronic Record & Document Management system (eRDM)
  • OneDrive
  • Kofax Total Agility
  • Kofax Communications Manager
  • M-Files
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Social Program Management (SPM)

10. We do not use any High Volume printing devices.

11. The Scottish Government Office Equipment framework was used.

12. Ordering is carried out electronically through a Scottish Government IT service management tool which is managed by Scottish Government. This information is held by Scottish Government once submitted.

13. The contract is managed by Social Security Scotland Chief Digital Office and the Place Service Team. The Social Security Scotland Chief Digital Office is the decision-maker.


  • Adobe Acrobat 2020 Professional – 34
  • Adobe Acrobat 2000 Standard – 3
  • All devices have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed as part of the standard SCOTS (Scottish Government IT System) build (no licence purchase is required as the software is free of charge).

15. There is no annual cost associated with the Acrobat software, as the licences purchased are perpetual licences (i.e. one off purchase cost).

16. As the licenses are perpetual there is no renewal date.

17. The Scottish Government Information and Technology Services are responsible for the contract.

18. We do not use any other PDF editing tools.

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