How much money the Stagecoach Bus Company gets from the Government: FOI release

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Information requested

'How much money the Stagecoach Bus Company gets from the Scottish Government regarding subsidies. I would be interested in the annual figure for the last 5 years?'.


The answer to your question is provided in the table below.








1/4/17 - 31/03/18

1/4/18 - 31/3/19

1/4/19 - 31/3/20

1/4/20 - 31/3/21

1/4/21 - 31/3/22

Stagecoach North-West

£ 83,686.03

£ 87,390.08

£ 86,458.86

£ 540,525.45

£ 148,096.02


Stagecoach East (Fife)




£ 6,816,533.19


£ 6,542,992.76


£ 35,514,468.84


£ 26,363,399.48


Stagecoach Bluebird




£ 2,723,825.79


£ 2,776,603.96


£ 15,476,973.98


£ 14,120,117.66


Stagecoach West Scotland




£ 4,740,130.79


£ 4,746,647.41


£ 23,593,829.87


£ 17,534,567.35


Stagecoach in Highlands




£ 1,607,358.86


£ 1,727,058.21


£ 7,558,099.13


£ 7,013,381.54






£ 1,476,556.82


£ 1,515,890.69


£ 20,044,491.97


£ 7,573,493.20


  • These amounts include emergency covid related payments made to Bus Operators from March 2020 to 8 June 2022, and can be subject to change as further payments and settlements may take place up until approximately end of July 2022. The funding totals may contain awards of Covid Support Grant(CSG), Covid Support Grant -Restart (CSG-R) or Network Support Grant (NSG), or a combination of any of these grants, depending on which grants the operator has claimed. These amounts are subject to change: *Where operators have been held in dispute, their figures may still be subject to change;
  • Reconciliation for CSG-R is still underway, therefore these figures will be subject to change;
  • From March 2020 CSG was paid to operator’s based on the estimated level of National Concessionary Travel Scheme (NCTS) reimbursement lost due to COVID-19 plus the pre- COVID expected level of Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG). The grant terms require that the operators continue to deliver 30% (25-35%) of bus service levels for the period of the scheme to maintain core services (unless otherwise agreed with Transport Scotland) and continue engagement with relevant local authorities and health boards to determine what bus services should be operated, when and on which routes.
  • From June 2020 CSG-R support was available to bus operators to increase bus services to cover the gap between costs and the anticipated loss of fare-paying passenger revenue that bus operators experienced due to physical distancing and reduced carrying capacity to allow operators to break even and no profit was made.
  • From April 2022, a standard rate per live kilometres is paid to operators so no funding is paid for services that are cancelled or cut.

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