Senior Civil Servant Staffing List and Register of Interests: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

Information requested

"For each civil servant considered a Senior Civil Servant as of August 25, please provide the following information.

1a) Their name, job title, and period working for the government.

1b) Their recorded business interests and those of close family members.

1c) Any shareholdings or other securities/financial interests which they or members of their close family hold.

1d) Any other financial interest where there is the potential for a conflict of interest to arise as a result of your official position.

1e) Private interests in organisations where there could be the potential for a conflict of interest to arise, for example membership of clubs, societies and other organisations."


I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for length of time it has taken in Scottish Government responding to your request.

The information that you requested is contained in the attached Excel spreadsheet. You will wish to be aware that, due to a technical error, this extract was produced on 25 November 2021 rather than the date specified in your request.

You will note that the information in the attached spreadsheet contains a number of redactions under S38 (1) (b) of FOISA. Redactions have focussed on several areas, including where there has been information provided that would suggest releasing information would cause significant distress of harm to the individualÍž where there are concerns relating to fraudulent activity arising from information releasedÍž and where family members' information has been held which can reasonably be classed as financial rather than business interest (note that the interest has not been redacted, but rather the family member e.g. 'brother').

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