Boarding and inspections breakdown 2019-2020: EIR release

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Information requested

Data for total boardings and inspections broken down into UK, EU and third country vessels for the year 2019/20.


Below is a copy of all the information you requested. I have also included figures that show the same information but with MPV Minna and RIB patrols excluded, as these work predominantly in Scottish inshore waters on the west coast where there are very few non UK vessels operating. This shows a more comparable picture when comparing boardings in areas where both UK and EU / 3rd country vessels are allowed to fish.

You should note that:

  • The figures cover all of Scotland’s waters, including areas where EU and third country vessels cannot fish such as territorial waters and Marine Protected Areas;
  • EU and third country vessels are mainly inspected at sea, as opposed to in port or at the market; and
  • EU and third country vessels fishing in Scottish waters generally tend to be larger in size but fewer in number – therefore the number of physical inspections will be lower.
  • The numbers provided for UK vessels cover the full range of the fishing fleet as opposed to a small segment of it that would be more comparable with EU and 3rd country vessels of the same sector.
  • You should note that during the period under review boarding and inspection activities were significantly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic.

Boardings at Sea by Nationality

(from 5 / 11 / 19
to end of year)
calendar year)
EU 9 20
3rd country 9 19
UK 48 104


Boardings in Port


2019 (from
5 / 11 /19 to end of year)

(complete calendar year)
EU 35 51
3rd country 1 55
UK 174 586


Boardings in Port
This can also be shown in the figures for boardings in port.

Nationality Number Of
In port
Number of
on those
59 43 73%
Other EU 92 71 78%
UK 750 592 79%

Inspections (at market, premises or elsewhere)

  2019 (from 5 / 11 /
19 to end of year)
2020 (complete
calendar year)
EU 4 46
3rd country 5 29
UK 1523 6018


Sightings in Port

  2019 (from 5 / 11 /
19 to end of year)
2020 (complete
calendar year)
EU 34 111
3rd country 4 62
UK 342 2380


Boardings at Sea by Nationality (excluding MPV Minna / RIB patrols)

Nationality Demersal
Pelagic Pots/Creels Dredge TOTAL
3rd country 4% 0% 0% 0% 38% 0% 0% 12%
Other EU 12% 0% 100% 33% 5% 0% 0% 25%
UK 84% 100% 0% 67% 12% 100% 100% 63%

This shows that the ratio of boardings is very much fishery dependent.

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