Turnaround times for PVG - Scheme Record Disclosures and Updates: FOI release

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Information requested

You asked for the following information;

The average length of time taken for a PVG scheme application (for new members) and PVG scheme existing member update to be processed by Disclosure Scotland. A previous FOI in 2018 (FOI/18/03515) asked this but I am interested to know whether the average time has remained much the same in 2019/2020.

We wrote to you on 24 September and asked that you provide clarification on the date range in the years of 2019 and 2020 you required.

If it were possible to see the figures by month from January 2019 to August 2020 (or as recent as is possible - if September could be included all the better) that would be perfect.

We then wrote to you on the 12th October and explained that the detail within the 2018 FOI is not available like for like however we could provide 
· The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an overall PVG Scheme Record (apply to join and apply to join for another workforce, if already a scheme member combined); and
· For a PVG Short Scheme Record (same workforce but different employer)

You confirmed you were happy with this.


I enclose a copy of all of the information you requested,

The answer to your question is:
Table 1: Average turnaround times for Scheme Record Disclosures (Application to Join & Existing combined) and Short Scheme Record Updates, from January 2019 to September 2020.

Month-Year PVG - SRD PVG - SSRD
Jan-19 4.44 2.41
Feb-19 6.35 3.50
Mar-19 8.56 3.69
Apr-19 6.42 3.21
May-19 7.55 4.08
Jun-19 7.55 4.43
Jul-19 8.37 5.66
Aug-19 7.40 5.44
Sep-19 12.69 12.37
Oct-19 16.91 16.86
Nov-19 11.70 11.21
Dec-19 7.40 7.71
Jan-20 5.42 5.71
Feb-20 6.83 6.85
Mar-20 7.17 7.09
Apr-20 4.62 5.14
May-20 3.32 3.16
Jun-20 3.92 3.78
Jul-20 4.84 4.22
Aug-20 7.71 7.95
Sep-20 10.01 9.96

1 - Average turnaround times have been rounded to 2 decimal places.
2 - Average turnaround times for PVG - SRD represent the combination of Application to Join and Existing Scheme Record applications.
3 - Average turnaround times for PVG - SSRD represent Scheme Record Updates.
4 - The turnaround time is the difference between received date and print date, corrected for public holidays, minus suspensions and PCI exceptions.

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