Fair Start Scotland Key Delivery and Performance Indicators: FOI Review

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

Information requested

a.  A list of the reports produced relating to the Fair Start Scotland Key Delivery (KDI) and Performance Indicators (KPI).
b. The most recent Fair Start Scotland Delivery and Performance indicators reports.
c. If possible to provide older KDI and KPI reports relating to all lots under the £600 limit, the last two reports issued before those requested at item two above.


I have concluded that the original decision should be substituted with a different one. You have noted in your review request that:

  • section 12 of FOISA has been applied without explanation but some information has nevertheless been supplied;
  • no information was provided on the future release exemption applied;
  • there is no explanation of the redactions and the exemptions applied; and
  • there is no assessment of public interest.

It is clear that there has been a misinterpretation of part one of your original request which has, at least in part, affected the overall content of the response. The £600 cost limit has been applied incorrectly in respect of item 1 as it was believed that you were requesting all reports produced at that point. You have spoken with my colleague during the course of the review and she has confirmed with you that you were in fact seeking a list of reports. This list is now attached at Annex A.

I also agree that you should have received details of previous and future publications concerning Fair Start Scotland performance which would provide the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information you are seeking. This information is set out with links to the documents where appropriate at Annex B.

(Annexes and attachments too large to publish)

However, I am content that the decision not to send you any of the reports detailing KPI data was correct. For data already published and therefore otherwise available, this has been withheld under section 25 of FOISA, while as yet unpublished data has been withheld under section 27(1).

You have been provided with current Key Delivery Indicator reports and one past report rather than the two previous reports requested. However, in discussion with [redacted s38(1)(b)], you agreed that this would be satisfactory. These reports focus on quality of delivery as opposed to the job outcome data in the KPI reports. However, you have noted there is no explanation of the redactions applied. I have decided that new versions of the reports with no redaction of Fair Start Scotland provider names should be issued. However, any information which provides third party personal data has been redacted under section 38(1)(b).
In relation to this new decision, the public interest test has been applied. Only third party personal data has now been redacted in line with FOISA. In sections of each plan where lead individuals were named, an absolute exemption has been applied.

I am sorry that this request has not been handled as it should have been. A discussion with you at the outset would have offered clarity on the request and enabled a more accurate response. You have indicated that you are keen to understand better whether Fair Start Scotland providers are performing against the terms of their contracts. Please let me assure you that where we believe performance of individual contractors falls below that which we expect, every step possible is taken alongside the providers to address this.

We are entering very challenging times for the Scotland and its people. It is our clear aim to ensure that those who are out of work but keen to enter and sustain employment are offered the best support possible to achieve a this.

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