M74 off slip junction 9, route-based weather forecasts: EIR review

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

1) "All weather forecast data held for the period 0000 hours on 23 January to 1200 hours on 25 January for the above location (M74 off slip, junction 9). This should include (if available), but not limited to, textural information for each day and indications of whether they are route-based forecasts for the road concerned or an area-wide forecast associated with a weather out-station."

In addition on 5th November you expanded your request in relation to point 1 to include: "Can you confirm you have provided all information held regarding the above? Specifically, there is no indication whether this is a route-based forecast for the road concerned or a more area-wide forecast associated with a weather out station. If it is the latter, then its location would be needed to see how relevant it was to the locus. We have also requested textural information for each day describing the forecast weather conditions."

2) "What treatment criteria was Scotland Transerv working to at the time of the above incident (between 23 January and 25 January 2018) regarding what forecasts would merit action."

In addition on 5th November you expanded your request in relation to point 1 to include: "You have stated it was in accordance with the Winter Service Plan as previously provided, we understand this may have been dealt with as per a specifically-issued memo from Transport Scotland around the time of accident. Can this be clarified.

Can you confirm if the above is available, or confirm that there is no further data held, or contract modification in force to winter maintenance plan at the date of the accident."


I have concluded that the original decision should be confirmed with some modifications and respond against the two points raised as follows:

1) The Operating Company, Scotland TranServ, have procured Meteogroup as their expert weather forecaster and they provide them with route based forecasting. The route/location in question is detailed on the forecast information provided within the original response and titled "FOi_ 19_02282_ - M77 Jg Weather-Annex A.pdf". In addition the Daily Winter Action Plans previously provided detail route based forecasting data. When scrolling through these Plans the location specific to the request is represented by unique ID P20/4B. These sheets cover the date and time range requested. There is no over and above "textural information" available.

2) Scotland TranServ will have worked to the criteria outlined within Schedule 7 Part 2 Section 3 (Winter Treatment) of the 4G South West Contract. Please access the following link and then scroll to find the referenced section. https://www.transport.gov.scot/media/35900/sw-combi.pdf

We confirm there was no deviation from the criteria outlined in the Contract during the time period relevant to this request for information.

To confirm the link between the Contract and Winter Service Plan, the Operating Company's approved Winter Service Plan comprises the Operating Company's proposals and approach for delivering the Winter Service in any Winter Service Period to meet the requirements of this Contract, specifically Schedule 7 Part 2. Prior to the 31 July of each Annual Period, the Operating Company shall prepare and submit to the Director for written consent its Winter Service Plan for the forthcoming Winter Service Period. The approved Winter Service Plan for the period in question was provided as part of the original response.

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