FOI/18/03140 further information - Scottish Government Fiscal Resource budget: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

1) Further to your SG FOI/18/03140 release on the "Scottish Government’s fiscal (i.e. excluding non cash) resource budget" with figures of  £28,679m for 2010-11 and £26,689m for 2019-20, please provide the detail and calculation for "Scotland’s resource block grant" as in FOI/18/03140 but for the years 2007/08 to 2019/20, using the same 2017/18 real terms price base in the aforementioned FOI. Please use your SG figure for the 2019/20 C.02 Fiscal Resource budget released on 1 April 2019 by the SG of £28,714.5m, but adjusted to the same 17/18 real terms price base, for this comparison. 

Please state the annual comparative fiscal (excluding non cash) resource budget figure for each financial year for those 13 years 2007/8 to 2019/20, (again using your 2017/18 real terms price base)  

The figure for the SG 2019/20 C.02 Fiscal Resource budget released on 1 April by the SG is £28,714.5m, calculated as £28,209.5m in real terms based on 18/19 prices. Using this £28,209.5m SG figure, please provide the comparative figure for each financial year 2007/8 to 2019/20 but using the same real terms price base of 2018/19.  

2. For the years 2007/8 and 2019/20 please provide the comparative TME real terms figures using 18/19 prices. Please use the SG TME figure for 19/20 using the 18/19 price base released on 1/4/19 of £41,883.4m. 

3) For the years 2007/8 and 2019/20, please provide the comparative C.02 + C.04 CDEL and RDEL real terms totals using 18/19 prices.  Please use your SG figure for 2019/20 using 18/19 prices for C.02 + C.04 released on 1/4/19 of £33,225.6m for the comparison to 2007/8.

Please advise if the C.04, C.02, and C.01 figures have changed since your SG budget release of 1/4/19 and if so what the latest figures are for each of these 3 headings if they are now changed for 19/20, also stating the 18/19 price base figure.  


The information you requested is in the table attached at Annex A.    This includes  Real Terms figures for Fiscal Resource, Capital and Total Managed Expenditure budgets using both 2017-18 and 2018-19 prices as a baseline for calculation as requested. Please note however, the caveats detailed under the table as they provide relevant context. The latest GDP deflators from HM Treasury, published on 28 June 2019, have been used to calculate the Real Terms figures and can be found here.

With regard to your request to use the SG figure for 2019/20 Fiscal Resource budget of £28,714.5m which was published on 1 April, as that figure relates to spending plans rather than HMT Aggregates it would not be appropriate to use it as it is not a like-for-like comparison with the rest of the table.  Annex A of the Budget document 2019-20 provides an explanation of the differences between HMT aggregates and SG spending plans.  I have however used the most up to date comparable HMT aggregates in the Table attached.

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