Scottish Government Reporter visits to Aberdour to assess PPA-250-2312: EIR release

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

Information requested


You requested to be provided with the following details of the visits made by Mr Stephen Hall, Scottish Government Reporter to Aberdour to assess PPA-250-2312 (Planning Permission
1. Date of visit
2. Time of visit
3. Weather conditions
4. The total time spent on site.
5. The specific streets of Aberdour visited and the time spent at each.
6. The total time spent assessing the appeal.
7. Evidence gathered on site to support the decision.
8. The process used to make the subjective decision in relation to the visual impact.




1. The site visit took place on 12 December 2018.

2. The site visit took place at approximately 11:00 until 16:00 – The reporter deliberately waited to observe the primary school closing time and the traffic effects of this.

3. The weather on the day was dry and clear.

4. An exact record of the time spent on site is not held however, I can advise that Mr Hall will have spent around 30 minutes on the site itself.

5. An exact record of the specific streets visited or time spent on each is not held. I can advise Mr Hall took the following route, visited Main Street (the A921, at the site itself, through Aberdour and some distance to the east and west of the village), Morayvale, and Hawkcraig Road (including at school closing time). The reporter also walked from the village centre to the harbour and looped back to Hawkcraig Road from there. Mr Hall then visited Silversands Park and Silversands Beach, and spent some time walking along the public footpath through The Heughs and along the coastal brae.

6. The reporter spent 14 days, up to the issuing of the Notice of Intention, assessing the appeal.

7. To support his decision the reporter gathered the following evidence:
 The current use and topography of the site and surrounding areas;
 The site boundary and boundary features;
 Views out from the site;
 Driving and walking around Aberdour to get a feel for how the site fits into the local landscape/townscape;
 Consideration of effect on neighbouring property;
 Consideration of where in village/neighbouring land site would be visible from;
 Consideration of impact on view from A921 both on foot and by car;
 Consideration of impact from Silver Sands/Silver Sands Park;
 Road geometry/traffic conditions adjacent to site itself and through Aberdour; and
 Relationship/walking distance to village facilities, including bus stop, train station, primary school, nearest shop and village centre.

8. To make his subjective decision in relation to visual impact the reporter:
 Read the evidence provided on this topic, including in the representations, all as included in the case file;
 Identified the relevant development plan policies;
 Carried out the site visit;
 Assessed the visual impact of the proposal against the criteria contained in the relevant policies of the development plan, and informed by the evidence provided on the topic, the site visit, and the reporter’s experience and expertise;
 Took consideration of whether there were any other material considerations relevant to this topic.


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