Scottish Teachers leaving the STSS scheme or transferring to TPS scheme: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/03427
Date received: 27 November 2018
Date responded: 24 December 2018
Information requested

We have data on where newly qualified teachers see themselves in 5 years' time (e.g. in promoted posts, teaching abroad, out of the profession, etc.). I would like to compare this with what we already know about where teachers actually end up in year 5. Do you have any tracking data (anonymous, obviously) which could help? For instance, knowing how many teachers stay in STSS would tell us how many are teaching Scotland. Contribution rates might tell us who is in a promoted post, transfers to TPS would tell us how many go to teach in England, etc.


1. Number of members who first joined the STSS from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013.


2. The number of above still active at 26 November 2018.


3. Number of Teachers who transferred from the STSS to TPS from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2018. 


4. Contribution rates telling who is in a promoted post.

Section 17(1) of FOISA (information not held) requires the Scottish Public Pensions Agency to notify you if it does not have the information you requested.

The SPPA does not have the information you have asked for because we are not notified when a member is promoted.  We are informed when a member’s contribution rate changes, though not the reason why.

However, we can supply employee contribution rates, which can be found on the SPPA website at:

It should be noted that membership of the Scottish Teachers’ Pension or Superannuation Schemes is not compulsory. The data provided may therefore be of limited value, as SPPA does not hold records for the number of employed teachers who are not members of the pension scheme.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland will hold records of the number of registered teachers, however that may not reveal the number in current employment.

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