Transport Scotland CCTV maintenance and support contract: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/02877  
Date received: 5 October 2018  
Date responded: 29 October 2018
Information requested

The information I require is to do with the organisation’s CCTV maintenance and support contract.

Please can you send me the information stated below:

  1. Supplier of the contract for CCTV maintenance and support.
  2. How much the Council spend annually with the supplier?
  3. What is the renewal date of this contract?
  4. What is the duration of the contract?
  5. What is the review date of this contract? If possible the likely outcome of this review.
  6. The primary brand of the CCTV equipment. I don’t require the model just the brand.
  7. The description of the services provided under this contract. Please state if this contract includes more that just CCTV services.
  8. Contact details of the employee responsible for the contract between the supplier and the organisation. Can you please provide me with their full contact details.
I have numbered our response for ease of reference.
1. The contract for CCTV maintenance and support is included in our Traffic Scotland Systems Contract (TSSC), EU OJEU Reference 2014/S 165‐295247, which was awarded to Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd. Cubic sub-contract the fulfilment of the maintenance and support of CCTV in part to Tyco Integrated Fire and Security, now part of Johnson Controls.

2. While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance Transport Scotland does not have the information you have requested as they are not a local authority. As you may be aware, Transport Scotland maintain the Scottish Trunk Road Network. For local road information you may wish to contact the individual local authorities. 

The amount Transport Scotland spends annually with Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd. depends upon the amount of Additional Service Orders awarded and invoiced in any given year including all the services provided through the TSSC. For example in the year 2016/17 Transport Scotland spent approximately  £4.8M and in 2017/18 approximately  £8.1M. These values are for all services provided by Cubic in the associated financial years and does not reflect the costs associated purely with CCTV maintenance and support.

3, 4 and 5. The contract award for the TSSC was 1 October 2015. The Contract duration is 4 years with two subsequent potential single-year extensions. There are annual performance review meetings for this contract. A review date for the award of a possible extension of this contract has not been set. The renewal date for the TSSC will either be the 1 October 2019;1 October 2020; or 1 October 2021, depending upon the decision to call off either of the single-year extensions. 

6. The primary solution of the CCTV system is based on an enterprise version of Tyco’s MOSAIC CCTV solution. This is in turn based on a customised version of DVTel’s Latitude CCTV solution. Cameras are based on a mixture of analogue and digital CCTV cameras, including  Tyco Ulysses, SSL and Bosch Mic cameras.

7. The TSSC provides the maintenance, support, development and warranty of the Intelligent Transport Systems, Web based Information Systems, Databases, supporting ICT systems and IP communications systems required to underpin the delivery of the Traffic Scotland Service. The TSSC contractor is required to provide supporting services, including the supply of both, bespoke and commercial off the shelf hardware, software, systems, CCTV, Internet Protocol communications infrastructure and traffic detection equipment. The TSSC contractor is required to provide systems support staff based within the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre in South Queensferry and Traffic Scotland Backup Facility in Glasgow. The TSSC contractor is required to provide technical and consulting support to Transport Scotland to improve the delivery of the Traffic Scotland Service.

8. Contact details of the employee responsible for the contract between the supplier and the organisation is;


ITS Strategy and Systems Manager

Transport Scotland,

4th Floor, Buchanan House,

58 Port Dundas Road


G4 0HF

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