Information relating to ongoing review on deaths in mental health detention: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/02595  
Date received: 14 September 2018
Date responded: 9 October 2018
Information requested
  1. Please could you send me a copy of the questionnaires used in this consultation? I wish to see all of the questions used in these questionnaires, as the completed questionnaires are, understandably, confidential.
  2. Please could you send me full details of all of the methods and media used by you to publicise this consultation?
  3. Please could you explain why, in spite of the fact that this consultation would not have been conducted in the first place without my Amendments submitted through my MSP to the 2015 Mental Health Act, there has been no attempt to contact me directly to inform me of the initiation of this consultation? Would this not have been the courteous thing to do?
For your information, I submitted 4 Amendments with respect to:  Fatal Accident Inquiries; data and statistics on deaths, suicides and `adverse events` including assaults; psychotropic drugs; and also one asking for a Review of the Mental Health Act, to consider the removal of people with Learning Disabilities and Autism from the provisions of the Act. This latter Amendment was also submitted by the Learning Disability Cross Party Group through Jackie Baillie MSP. Two years previously, I had given a presentation to this CPG on this very issue.
Please refer to these articles for further information on these amendments:-

I enclose a copy of most of the information you requested.

The answer to your question 1 is contained in attached document ‘Annex A - Learning from Loss survey questionnaires’. 

The answer to your question 2 is contained in attached document ‘Annex B - Methods and media used for publicising surveys’. 

Where we do not hold the information requested, this is detailed in the appropriate point in the annexes. 

As noted in my acknowledgement email on 3 October 2018, question 3 is not a valid request for information under FOISA so it will not be answered here.  However, we will respond to it separately.

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