Scottish public Pensions Agency hosting contracts with third party providers: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/02382  
Date received: 5 September 2018  
Date responded: 2 October 2018
Information requested
  1. Type of hosting – Dedicated, Co-Location, Cloud Hosting, Other?
  2. Who is the supplier of the contract? If possible can you also provide me with the name of vendor, if applicable?
  3. What is the annual contract value for each contract?
  4. What type of cloud environment? Private Cloud- a distinct and secure cloud based environment in which only the specified client can operate. Public Cloud - where cloud services are provided in a virtualised environment, constructed using pooled shared physical resources, and accessible over a public network such as the internet. Hybrid - integrated cloud service utilising both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organisation.
  5. What is the original start date of the contract agreement? If there are more than one contract please provide me with the start date for each contract.
  6. What is the actual expiry date of the contract agreement? If there are more than one contract please provide me with the expiry date for each contract.
  7. When will the organisation plan to review this contract? If there are more than one contract please provide me with the review date for each contract.
  8. What is the contract period in years? Please include whether the agreement has any extension periods?
  9. What services are provided under the contract? Please do not put hosting, information such as web hosting, file storage, hosted application. The more information the better.
  10. Can you please provide me with the contract officer responsible for this contract? Complete contact details if possible name, title, contact email and number.


  1. Dedicated.
  2. Pulsant.
  3. £22,579.80 (ex-vat).
  4. Private Cloud.
  5. August 2011
  6. The contract is perpetual, but is currently under review.
  7. The contract is currently under review, which will likely reach a conclusion by 2020.
  8. Please see above. The contract is perpetual, the initial contract was raised under a Scottish Procurement Framework and is now under review.
  9. Web/Application Hosting, IAAS – Infrastructure as a service.
  10. Head of Supplier Management and Procurement.
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