Roadworks undertaken on A83 and A85: EIR release

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

FOI reference: FOI/18/00236
Date received: 26 January 2018
Date responded: 22 February 2018

Information requested

Following several constituent enquiries regarding the condition of the A83 and A85 Michael would be grateful if you can please supply the following information:

1. The figures regarding compensation claims for damage on the A83 and A85 in Argyll & Bute over the past five years.

2. A record of the work carried out on these roads within the past five years.


As the information you have requested is 'environmental information' for the purposes of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EIRs), we are required to deal with your request under those Regulations. We are applying the exemption at section 39(2) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA), so that we do not also have to deal with your request under FOISA.

This exemption is subject to the 'public interest test'. Therefore, taking account of all the circumstances of this case, we have considered if the public interest in disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in applying the exemption. We have found that, on balance, the public interest lies in favour of upholding the exemption, because there is no public interest in dealing with the same request under two different regimes. This is essentially a technical point and has no material effect on the outcome of your request.


1. While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance Transport Scotland does not have the information you have requested. Therefore we are refusing part of your request under the exception at regulation 10(4)(a) of the EIRs. The reasons why that exception applies is that under the 4th Generation Term Contract for the Management and Maintenance of the Scottish Trunk Road Network, (Schedule 1, Part 4 Indemnities and Insurance, Section 12.2), Bear Scotland indemnify Scottish Ministers in relation to claims on these routes, therefore we have no involvement in this process and do not hold the information requested. The 4th Generation Contract can be viewed at this link;

2. Our Operating Companies oversee, co-ordinate and undertake cyclic and routine maintenance, winter service, emergency response and frequent condition inspections. In addition they undertake more significant maintenance work, which includes structural road maintenance, bridge strengthening and maintenance and safety improvements. Please find a list below detailing a record of all significant work undertaken over the past 5 years on the A83 and A85.

A83 Furnace Resurfacing
A83 Butterbridge Resurfacing
A83 Cairndow Signage
A83 Douglas Water to Killean Hill Resurfacing
A83 Dunderave Resurfacing
A83 Achnatra Resurfacing
A83 Ardgarten Ditching
A83 Ardgarten Resurfacing
A83 Arrochar West Resurfacing
A83 Loch Restil Resurfacing
A83 Inveraray Dropper Crossings
A83 Kennacraig to Campbeltown Lining Refreshment
A83 Killean to Auchindrain Resurfacing
A83 Colchester Square Resurfacing
A83 Port Anne Culvert Replacement
A83 Redlodge to Kilmory Resurfacing
A83 Rest & Be Thankful Resurfacing
A83 Tarbet to Kennacraig Lining Refreshment
A83 West of Butterbridge Resurfacing
A83 North of Stronachuillin Resurfacing
A83 North of Tangy (South) Jct Resurfacing
A83 Butterbridge Barrier Improvement
A83 South of Glenbarr Resurfacing
A83 South of Strone Point Resurfacing
A83 Tangy Airport Junction Works
A83 Barmore Road Footway Resurfacing
A83 Ardgarten Ditching
A83 Barbles Filter Drain
A83 Tangy Farm Filter Drain
A83 Ardcastle Resurfacing
A83 North of Arrochar Resurfacing
A83 North of Kennacraig Resurfacing
A83 Succoth Resurfacing
A83 Tarbet to Arrochar Drainage Improvements
A83 Route Priority Lining Refreshment
A85 Crianlarich Footway Resurfacing
A85 East of Cruachan Resurfacing
A85 Flax Mill to Auchlyne Resurfacing
A85 Glen Dochart Caravan Park Resurfacing
A85 Rob Roys Dip Resurfacing
A85 St Fillans Resurfacing
A85 Tullybannocher Resurfacing
A85 West Roadmarking Refreshment
A85 Castle Farm Resurfacing
A85 Connel Footway Resurfacing
A85 East of St Fillans Resurfacing
A85 Lochearnhead Resurfacing
A85 Bealach an Righ Resurfacing
A85 Connel East of 40s Resurfacing
A85 East of Crianlarich Railway Bridge Resurfacing
A85 Lix Toll Filter Drain Renewal
A85 Perth to Oban Lining Refreshment
A85 Auchlyne Junction Resurfacing
A85 Connel Village Resurfacing
A85 East of Comrie Resurfacing
A85 Lochearnhead Junction Resurfacing
A85 East of Dunira Resurfacing
A85 West of Burnbrae Garage Resurfacing
A85 West of Madderty Resurfacing
A85 Crianlarich Footway Improvements
A85 Macrosty Park Footway Improvements
A85 Glen Ogle Drainage Improvements
A85 Lochearnside Ditching
A85 West of Awe Barrage
A85 Ardchyle Resurfacing
A85 Crianlarich Village Resurfacing
A85 East of Dunira Resurfacing
A85 North of Lochearnhead Resurfacing
A85 Taynuilt Resurfacing
A85 St Fillans Footway Resurfacing
A85 Route Priority Lining Refreshment

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