Funds awarded to Save A Life Scotland project: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/17/02727
Date received: 8 November 2017
Date responded: 18 December 2017

Information requested

1. Details of all funds awarded to the Save A Life Scotland project, administered by the Queen's Medical Research Institute (E2.55), The University of Edinburgh, 47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh.

Or by the Resuscitation Research Group Edinburgh (same address) or by another body (same address).

To include dates, purpose of funds, amount paid, conditions of award.

2. Details of all meetings with the Save a Life for Scotland staff to include minutes of meetings.

3. Details of any awards of funding to Save A Life for Scotland, SCIO No. SC047795.

4. Details of any meetings where the establishment and/or future funding of the above SCIO was discussed to include minutes of meetings.


1. The funds awarded for Save A Life for Scotland to Dr Gareth Clegg, Resuscitation Research Group lead, University of Edinburgh, Department of Emergency Medicine:

  • October 2015, £10,000 towards Restart a Heart Day.

  • Contribution of £158,587, February 2016 to help support the Safe a Life for Scotland programme and is used to support the development and implementation of a plan to improve outcomes after OHCA across Scotland through the coordination of the following activities:

    • development of a five year plan of action including an annual SALFS public event

    • internal communication between partner organisations

  • social media campaign – including identifying routes to reach and engage with the public.

  • A grant offer of £50,000 was made in October 2017 to contribute towards continuing core funding for Save A Life for Scotland. At this time this has not been accepted or formally awarded.

The grants are provided, under the Strategic Planning and Clinical Priorities Budget and Conditions of Grant. Copy attached at annex.

2. Meetings with Scottish Government and Save a Life for Scotland staff are listed below. Minutes attached at annex. Unless otherwise indicated, no minutes were recorded by SG. The meetings on Home Fire Safety visits were arranged by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.


AQ – Atlantic Quay, Scottish Government
NEAC - North Edinburgh Arts Centre
QMRI - University Queens Medical Research Institute
RIE – Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
SAH – St Andrews House, Scottish Government
VQ – Victoria Quay, Scottish Government
SFRS – Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

24/10/2017: SAH; 14.00: SALFS Sustainability.
19/09/2017: SAH; 10:30: Creative routes presentation.
06/09/2017: SAH; 15.00: OHCA and community sports hubs.
31/08/2017: RIE; 15.00: Catch up.
18/08/2017: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached.
17/08/2017: NHS Borders General Hospital: 12.30. CPR training for NHS staff.
16/08/2017: QMRI; 12.00. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
25/09/2017: SAH; 11.00. OHCA Reference Group. Minutes attached
17/07/2017: AQ; 10.30. European championships. Note of meeting attached
26/06/2017: SAH; 12:00. CPR Marketing Brief.
26/06/2017: SAH; 13:00. SALFS meeting.
03/05/2017: RIE; 11.00. SALFS Partners.
12/05/2017: NEAC; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
08/05/2017: SAH; 15.00. Preparation for OHCA Delivery Group.
28/04/2017: SAH; 14.00. NHS Conference on OHCA.
25/04/2017: SAH; 14.00 CPR awareness and learning to sports. Minutes attached
19/04/2017: SAH; 11.00. SALFS catch up.
28/03/2017: SAH; 16.00. OHCA sessions at NHS Event.
20/03/2017: SAH; 12.00. SALFS Catch up.
20/03/2017: SAH; 10.00. Research Results presentation.
14/03/2017: SAH; 09.00. Home Fire Safety Visits catch-up.
13/03/2017: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Reference Group. Minutes attached
01/03/2017: SAH; 10.30. Home Fire Safety Visits Evaluation.
24/02/2017: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
22/02/2017: SAH; 16:00 Review research discussion guide.
01/02/2017: RIE; 11.00. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
27/01/2017: QMRI; 10.00. OHCA PAD Sub-Group.
25/01/2017: SAH; 15.00. CPR messaging meeting.
25/01/2017: SAH; 10.30. CPR & Young People.
21/12/2016: SAH; 11.00. Learning & Evaluation of Home Fire Safety Visits with CPR.
20/12/2016: QMRI; 11.00. SALFS meeting
15/12/2016: Newbridge, Edin.; 14.00. SFRS Home Fire Safety Visits / CPR Project Group.
08/12/2016: SAH; 11.00. OHCA/SALFS social marketing meeting.
23/11/2016: SAH; 13.30. Meeting with British Red Cross.
22/11/2016: Hamilton; SFRS Home Safety Visits Delivery Group.
11/11/2016: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
04/11/2016: SAH; 13:15. Introductory meeting with SALFS.
02/11/2016: ERI; 11.00. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
20/10/2016: SAH; 15:00. Recording for Bauer Life Matters feature on CPR.
30/09/2016: SAH; 11.00. OHCA Catch up.
30/09/2016: SAH; 09.30. Young Scot. Campaign planning meeting.
29/08/2016: SAH; 15.00. YoungScot. OHCA Strategy & involving young people.
29/09/2016: Perth; 13.00. Home Fire Safety Visits.
27/09/2016: SAH; 10.00. OHCA Reference Group. Minutes attached
24/08/2016: SAH; 11.00. Links between Inspiring Scotland and SALFS
19/08/2016: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
17/08/2016: RIE; 10.30. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
27/07/2016: RIE; 10.00. OHCA Annual Report.
27/06/2016: VQ; 09.30. SALFS in schools week.
21/06/2016: SAH; 12.00; Marketing discussion OHCA.
10/06/2016: SAH; 09.30. OHCA Community Resilience links.
20/05/2016: BHF offices, Ocean Point, Leith; 2.30pm. SALFS Comms meeting.
13/05/2016: SAH; 14.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
04/05/2016: Cambuslang; 14.30. SFRS.
13/04/2016: RIE; 10.30. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
24/03/2016: RIE; 11.30. SALFS meeting.
14/03/2016: SAH; 10.00. OHCA Reference Group. M inutes attached
26/02/2016: SAH; 13.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
25/11/2015: ERI; 10.00. SALFS Partners. Minutes attached
13/11/2015: SAH; 10.00. OHCA Delivery Group. Minutes attached
13/11/2015: SAH; 09.30. Pre-meeting for OHCA Delivery Group.

3. No awards have been made to Save A Life for Scotland, SCIO no SC047795

4. The establishment and funding of a Save A Life for Scotland charity was discussed at the following meetings:

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy Delivery Group, Friday 19 August 2016. The highlight report (attached at annex) from Resuscitation Research Group stated:

"Forward Look Save a Life:

  • Will continue to build on schools work during the autumn.
  • Facilitation of partners contributions to European Restart Heart Day in October.
  • Recruitment of an admin assistant underway.
  • Database development to enable web based logging of CPR events and training due for completion in August.
  • Fund raising – we are actively seeking funding to allow longer term sustainability of Save a Life for Scotland.

Risks / Mitigation in next quarter.

Save a Life for Scotland requires further funding for long term viability – funding is being sought. We are looking into conversion into a charitable organisation to make fundraising easier."

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Reference Group, Monday 25 September 2017. The Minutes (attached) are:

"21. SALFS is funded by the Scottish Government until April 2018. Partners agreed to consider ways to increase capacity and sustainability of SALFS. There are four main aspects:

  • Moving aims of SALFS to be central in partners' agendas.
  • Counting people learning CPR.
  • Sharing and capturing strategies that work.
  • Opportunities for income generation

  • SALFS are exploring charitable status as a basis for sustainable funding from a range of partners."

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