Home Energy Efficiency Programmes loan scheme: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/17/02725
Date received: 9 November 2017
Date responded: 8 December 2017

Information requested

You asked for information on the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland (HEEPS) loan scheme.


  • How many people have applied for the loan scheme.
  • How many have had a successful application.

You further clarified that you were requesting information on all loan schemes:

  • How much is the total amount paid out for these loans by year, for the period 2014/15 - 2017/18.


I enclose a copy of the information you requested below.

Our HEEPS loan schemes started in the financial year 2014/15 with a "top up" loan available to customers receiving energy efficiency work through an area based scheme run by their local authority

From 2015/16 onwards we offered a number of loan schemes:

  • HEEPS loans - for energy efficiency work to an owner occupier's home.
  • HEEPS Private Sector Landlords (PSL) loans - for energy efficiency work within a Private Sector Landlord's property.
  • Gas infill loans – for connecting a customer's home to the gas network.
  • Warmer Homes Scotland loans —to "top up" any customer contribution required for work carried out under a Warmer Homes Scotland grant work.

The table below sets out applications for each of these schemes.

Loans HEEPS loan HEEPS:PSL loan HEEPS: Gas Infill loan HEEPS:ABS loan HEEPS:WHS loan
Loans applied for (total) 1803 262 318 1007 83
Successful loans (total) 1175 178 238 614 59
Value paid 14/15 N/A N/A N/A £42,693 N/A
Value paid 15/16 £1,916,079 See HEEPS loan 15/16 £203,062 £268,949 £5,919
Value paid 16/17 £2,509,124 See HEEPS loan 16/17 £373,151 £241,101 £40,569

Please note the following:

  • We have considered "successful application" to mean a loan offer was issued.
  • For the HEEPS and HEEPS:PSL paid loan figures, the spend is reported as one value because they began as one scheme, so the values provided are for both PSL and owner occupier paid loans
  • For the schemes: HEEPS:ABS and HEEPS:WHS, the figures for applications and offers are from launch of each scheme until 31 March 2017

In addition to these loans to householders, since 2016/17 we have also offered a loan scheme to Registered Social Landlords to enable them to improve the energy efficiency of their stock. Totals for these loans are:

Loans applied for 11
Successful loans 9
Value paid 16/17 £3,448,920

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