Accountant in Bankruptcy's information sharing agreements: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/17/01693
Date received: 21 July 2017
Date responded: 15 August 2017

Information requested

Information contained in memorandums of understanding or information sharing agreements (and the number of MOU's/Information sharing agreements) between the AIB and other organisations including businesses, banks & other institutions.


Please find below the only Memorandum of Understanding/information sharing agreement held by AiB.


The following guidelines have been drawn up to minimise the scope for confusion and ensure consistency around the media communications work of the agency.

They are consistent with practice in other government agencies and separate the policy work which is linked to Ministers and the operational side of the business which is best dealt with in house.

Who Does What?

Scottish Government Communications handles:

Policy announcements

These include, for example, inquiries and pro-active work around the forthcoming Bill and the Debt Action Forum. Work would include developing lines to take, going to committee, dealing with calls, writing news releases, updating the SG website and briefing Ministers.

Accountancy in Bankruptcy handles:

Quarterly Insolvency stats.

These include issuing statistical news releases, dealing with journalists asking about technical queries, inquiries about when they will be issued, the different types of insolvency and trends in the figures on the day of release and drafting quotes for the Minister.

Routine Inquiries.

These are inquiries from journalists about the process of bankruptcy, the difference between bankruptcy and protected trust deeds and queries into particular case. Also dealing with bids for an "expert" or Government voice on debt – such interviews would be fielded by the Chief Executive.

Reactive Media Services (Out-of-Hours)

As above, AiB will handle all reactive media inquiries within normal working hours.

The AiB Communications Team will not resource out-of-hours (including weekends and public holidays) requests which will continue to be fielded by the duty press desk in the normal way. AiB Communications staff may be called upon to assist SG Communications out-of-hours if required.

It will be the responsibility of AiB to ensure that SG colleagues are provided with to up-to-date contact details for relevant AiB officials.

Continuing Professional Development

AiB Communications Team will be staffed by AiB staff, with responsibility for all staffing matters, recruitment, performance and development the responsibility of local management.

For access to wider professional development and networking opportunities SG Communications will, were possible and practical, ensure that AiB Communications staff receive the opportunities to engage in professional development opportunities.

Operational Level Agreements

This MoU will form the basis for operational level agreements at a working level. This will ensure that AiB delivers a local communications service which meets and enhances SG expectations of media handling.

In return, SG Communications will ensure that AiB Communications staff have access wherever possible to tools and developments, such as media monitoring, circulation etc, that enable service levels to be met.

Ad Hoc Arrangements

From time to time, due to loss or constraints on resources, the split detailed above may not be achievable. In those circumstances ad hoc arrangements will be discussed and agreed between AiB and SG Communications.

Relationship Management

In addition to providing a clear separation of duties, this MoU is designed to foster good working relationships and understanding of communications issues. The relationship is 'owned' on AiB side by the Deputy Chief Executive & Head of Corporate Services and on SG Communications side by the Deputy Head of News. Both have a responsibility to ensure good working arrangements and may from time-to-time review or agree amendments to the MoU.

Effective Date

This MoU will take effect on 1 January 2010 and will be reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to meet the needs of both AiB and SG Communications.

December 2009

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