Fishing vessel weekly licence variations 8 May 2020

Summary of Scottish fishing licence variations effective 8 May 2020.

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no new variations this week.

Fisheries closures table 2020:- showing the current status of fish stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations (if any).

Fishing vessel quota limits tables 2020:- showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels.

UK Fisheries Monitoring Centre - Temporary Change of Industry Number (0131 244 2286)

Due to the situation surrounding the Coronavirus, Marine Scotland has taken steps to ensure the continuity of service provided by the UKFMC. This has required us to temporarily change the telephone number that industry require to call (0131 271 9700), as published in UK vessel licences. Unfortunately, we are unable to divert this number to external lines, which is necessary to afford UKFMC officers the potential to undertake their duties from home, where required. Please note however, at this time, the UKFMC primarily continues to operate out of Victoria Quay, Edinburgh.

In order to facilitate the above, the pre-recorded message delivered to those calling 0131 271 9700 has been changed and advises callers that they are now required to call the following Scottish Government extension 0131 244 2286

Whilst, as aforementioned, any master calling the widely published and familiar UKFMC number will be informed of this change, I would be very grateful if steps could be taken to ensure that this updated information is disseminated as widely as possible to industry contacts/representatives.

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