Fishing vessel weekly licence variations 4 February 2022

Scottish fishing vessel licence variations announced on 4 February 2022

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Fishing vessel quota limits tables 2022 - showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels.

Fisheries closures table 2022 - showing the current status of fish stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations (if any).


Producer Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group

Type of Licence

Licence Conditions Text Amendment

Effective Date

All Groups


AU – condition 2.8

AUP – condition 2.8

AO – condition 2.10


Whiting by catch limit changed to 20%

0001 hours on 6 February 2022

***Welsh iVMS legislation - The Sea Fishing Operations (Monitoring Devices) (Wales) order 2022 will come into force on 15 February 2022.***

***A consultation on the proposals to make the site a permanent Marine Protected Area (MPA) with a Marine Conservation Order (MCO) was launched today at 12:00pm to protect a nationally important nursery area for the critically endangered Flapper skate within the Inner Sound of Skye.

You can access and respond to this consultation here, including links to the draft MPA Order and MCO:

As you will be aware the Red Rocks and Longay urgent MPA, first designated in March 2021, and was extended from 16 December 2021. In order that the required protections remain in place whist the public consultation in undertaken an Urgent Continuation Order will be laid in parliament on Thursday 03 February 2022 and will be available to view at This is due to come into effect on 16 March 2022.

The Urgent Continuation Order will extend the Urgent MCO until 10 March 2023. The consultation is proposing to remove the prohibition on diving from the list of prohibited activities in the draft MCO, to allow scallop diving and observational recreational diving. This activity will be removed from the urgent MCO as soon as is reasonably practicable, in order for the prohibitions not to remain in place for any longer than is necessary. A permit will still be required for scientific diving or surveys which would involve (for example) taking, touching or disturbance of flapper skate eggs.

Legal public notices for the consultation, Urgent Continuation Order, draft Marine Conservation Order and draft Marine Protected Area Order can be viewed here:***

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