Fishing vessel weekly licence variations 28 January 2022

Scottish fishing vessel licence variations announced on 28 January 2022

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Fishing vessel quota limits tables 2022 - showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels.

Fisheries closures table 2022 - showing the current status of fish stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations (if any).


Producer Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group

Type of Licence

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The vessel to which this licence relates is prohibited, at all times during period 0001 hours 01 October – 2359 hours 31 January, from fishing with a trawl or dredge (including a suction dredge) in that area off the Treshnish Isles, being the area of waters bounded by the following coordinates:

56° 37.460'N, 006° 19.830'W
56° 35.620'N, 006° 24.500'W
56° 28.850'N, 006° 34.330'W
56° 28.680'N, 006° 28.170'W

Should the vessel be present in the area during this period all fishing gear which may be used for catching scallops must be lashed and stowed in accordance with article 47 of Council Regulation (EC) 1224/2009.

0001 hours on 30 January 2022

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