Fishing vessel weekly licence variations 2 February 2024

Scottish fishing vessel licence variations announced on 2 February 2024.

Fishing vessel quota limits tables: 2024 - ( showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels.

Licence condition changes 

Producer Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group

Type of Licence

Licence conditions text amendment

Effective date

ALL groups


































New condition added to licence

AU/AUP – condition 2.9 c

AO – condition 2.13 c

Authority: Crawfish

This licence does not authorise fishing for; retaining on board; storing; or landing crawfish (Palinurus spp) caught in English waters of ICES subarea 7 between 00:01 hours on 5 February 2024 to 23:59 hours on 30 April 2024.”


Text correction to existing condition

AO condition 5.6 “Papa Bank”

The vessel to which this licence relates, for all gear types excluding pelagic gears (purse seine and trawl), may not fish in the "Papa Bank" from 0001 hours on 1 January until 2359 hours on 15 March.

5 February 2024














2 February 2024


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