Fishing vessel landing obligation guidance 2020

The landing obligation applies to all sizes of fish managed by quota limits.

Please note that this guidance has been superceeded by Fishing vessel landing obligation guidance 2021. 

Updated 6 February 2020

This guidance relates to the specific requirements under the landing obligation / delegated acts relating to EU regional groups. It does not cover all of the technical rules which vessels have to follow at sea. Some additional technical rules are included in this guidance for the North Western Waters as a result of agreements within the EU regional groups.

There are no additional management measures for North Sea cod at this point, however, we expect these to be introduced during the course of 2020 and we will provide guidance on this webpage as and when they are agreed.

The landing obligation includes catches of quota stocks below the Minimum Conservation Reference Size (MCRS), unless a specific exemption is in place. Fish that is quota regulated means those species for which your licence places catch limits (this includes monthly quotas for non-sector vessels).

Landing obligation guidance 2020
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