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Fish Health Inspectorate case information: 2020

Published: 6 Apr 2020

FHI case information relating to inspections and visits.

6 Apr 2020
Fish Health Inspectorate case information: 2020

Information relating to the inspection and operational activities of Marine Scotland’s Fish Health Inspectorate is published on a regular basis.

Following a review of the publication process, from 2019 onwards the following information will be published on a monthly basis:

  • a list of all cases conducted
  • individual case information, with each case referenced in the list of all case types conducted

Please note that information relating to cases which have not been completed will only be published following completion. There may be some situations where completed cases will not be published. Where this is the case this will be detailed within the list of cases conducted.

January 2020

Cases 20200005-20200022

128 page PDF
10.7 MB

Additional case 20200014

16 page PDF
1.4 MB

February 2020

Cases 20200026-20200065

148 page PDF
11.0 MB

Cases 20200073-20200103

164 page PDF
13.4 MB


Cases 20200020-20200117

117 page PDF
10.7 MB

Cases 20200118 – 20200149

100 page PDF
8.9 MB