Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 6 February 2024

Minutes from the 801 Working Group meeting held on 6 February 2024.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

[REDACTED] – Scottish Government

[REDACTED] – Scottish Government

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG






Robbie Drummond – CEO CalMac

[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland

Items and actions

Actions from previous meeting

  • a017.1 - MCA Demonstration for Sea Trials this week. This can be closed (Action CalMac).
  • a021- List of certificates required by MCA to be provided by FMPG. This is in hand and remains ongoing (Action FMPG).
  • a023 -  5 unlikely UARs. Issues may be found from MCA inspection when equipment is tested and from sea trials, if any and these will continue as we progress. UARs list to be finalised to consider impact on warranty/contract. (Action CMAL/FMPG).
  • a025 - Spares are stored in warehouse and there is [REDACTED]. New fixed 5 year lease needs signed or need to be out 29th February. Extension lease is for 5 years [REDACTED]. Meeting upcoming to discuss this further and provide options.  SCAD Scottish Government Voted Loan – this will include the value of vessel and the spares. We need to determine the capital spares and non-capital spares and outline of costs associated with this to plan for budget for this/next year (provided by CMAL/TS and covered by voted loan). (Action – FMPG).

Hot topics

Maritime Coastguard Agency  - Requirements need to be met to get to trials – Thursday and Friday this week with MCA to get this completed ahead of trials.

It is common for issues to arise at these times – mitigations to be in place for this.

LNG - Schedule of completion – the completion date of this needs finalised.

Critical Path to MGO Sea Trials to be submitted prior to the 801 Acceptance meeting – from FMPG.

Consultant specialists of LNG to come in and help/assist with the completion of this – storage and cooling process. This is helping to provide assurance for the completion of the LNG commission to a high quality. 

Recruitment - This needs signed off and initiated immediately for crew to be hired and begin familiarisation with the vessel.  However, this needs to be in time with handover - [REDACTED]

Crewing costs need capitalised – to help TS and CMAL / SCAD SG for budgeting.

Any other business

Next week’s meeting will be cancelled due to sea trials. Debrief will happen on 20th Feb the following Tuesday.

Meeting End

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