Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 30 January 2024

Minutes from the meeting held on 30 January 2024.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

[REDACTED] – Scottish Government

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG






Robbie Drummond – CEO CalMac

[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland

Items and actions

Actions from previous meeting

a017.1 - MCA approvals for operational procedures to be closed – finalised under assumption of MCA approval. Potentially some maintenance impacts due to the procedures, but CalMac confident these will be managed. A demonstration due next week (Action CalMac). 

a021 - List of certificates required by MCA to be provided by FMPG. This remains ongoing (Action FMPG). 

a023 - CMAL have refined list, now with FMPG for technical input. There are 10 identified UARs that cannot be actioned – operational impact will be clarified and any mitigations identified by CMAL. UARs list to be finalised to consider impact on warranty/contract (Action CMAL/FMPG). 

a025 - Lists of capital spares and non-capital will be available 31/1/24 – Action to be closed (Action – FMPG)

Hot topics

NZET letter from DT to be drafted this week to provide update on delays to 801 – Further update to cost/timelines due in February prior to NZET visit to the yard.

LNG - Path to May delivery is driven by the LNG commissioning timeline.

Risks – Key risks to timeline are those that may arise from sea trials, known issues around the OORs and LNG pipework and commissioning.

Recruitment for new vessels needs to progress to deliver crew in good time for handover – Action TS/CMAL. 

Any other business 

Fire insulation – FMPG to identify the areas that will be addressed and the areas that won’t be addressed prior to presentation to MCA.

Fire detection has been signed off for the purpose of sea trials. Full MCA sign off still required pre-handover.

FMPG and CMAL verifying weights of vessel this week.

Inclining commences end of this week (3 Feb).

LNG contractor – concerns over the adherence to programme schedule however not currently behind schedule. [REDACTED] also not yet ready to commence commissioning by 8th February [REDACTED].

LNG specialist being sought for in-house consulting by FMPG. 

FMPG to consider 802 launch date and possible slippage to April. There are benefits in this for 801 delivery – more quayside time at yard, reduced quay rental cost, and the tidal patterns in April are better suited. Go/No Go date on this is 8th February. SG/FMPG to discuss again with the Board.


Meeting End

801 Acceptance Working Group Action Log - January 2024
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