Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 23 January 2024

Minutes from the meeting held on 23 January 2024.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

[REDACTED] – Scottish Government

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG






Robbie Drummond – CEO CalMac

[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland

Items and actions

Actions from previous meeting

a017.1 - Operational instructions for the below bulkhead escapes being developed by CalMac and demonstrated to MCA by 30 Jan. There is positive engagement from MCA with advice to CalMac. This is on the critical path and being driven forward (Action CalMac). 

a018 - As discussed last week, no requirement for CalMac crew to satisfy Peel Ports. Action now closed.

a021 - List of certificates required by MCA to be provided by FMPG. This remains ongoing – and noted this exercise will be required for 802 (Action FMPG). 

a023 - CMAL and CalMac agreed criteria for amalgamated issues and lists will be consolidated. CMAL are sifting through remainder of this list to ensure all key issues are captured. There are 153 items in total as category 1 and 17 as category 2 which can be rectified in first warranty period. 15 items remain unresolved – consideration of management for these. CMAL/FMPG to review these categorisations next week (Action CMAL/FMPG). 

a025 - Lists of capital spares will be available soon and shared ASAP – both ordered and in stores. Some Spares will start shipping over to CMAL ASAP. Capital Spares are to be supplied with vessel at handover however there is consideration to warranty spares list (Action FMPG /CMAL). 

sub-action: Need to put in place a process for CMAL and CalMac for funding for crewing and spares - SG / TS to take this away (Action TS/SG/CMAL). 

Hot topics

Software / Stabilisers – upgrades required and will be completed prior to handover. Action FMPG to develop list of upgrades for handover.

LNG – [REDACTED]  to upgrade software this week. Action FMPG to ensure warranty provision covers critical upgrades.

Contractual Warranty needs costed and appropriate budget cover provided. Action CMAL / TS / SG to discuss.

Action FMPG to cost out warranty provision, discuss with CMAL/TS/SG cover for crewing, spares and warranty.

TS/SG to assess impact on valuation at handover.

Upcoming events - NZET letters due from FMPG at the end of January;  NZET appearance by DT and NZET visit to the yard at the end of February. 

Any other business 

Nothing raised. 

Meeting closed. 

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