Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 05 March 2024

Minutes from the 801 working group meeting on 05 March 2024.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

[REDACTED] – Scottish Government

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG




Robbie Drummond – CEO CalMac


[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland

Items and actions

Actions from previous meeting 

  • a021 - this is ongoing – CMAL circulated the check-off list for the passenger certificates, which has subsections for other certificates/lists. FMPG has this in hand. (Action FMPG)
  • a023 - traction being made on OORs for sign-off, required for handover but will be ongoing to that point (Action – FMPG / CMAL).
  • a025 – approval given last week for CMAL to procure all other capital spares (Action – FMPG)

Hot topics

Delivery date – end of May remains intended handover. The LNG pipe work is to be complete by end of March and the LNG programme finished in May followed by sea trials. There is a possibility of slippage to June mentioned by FMPG at NZET appearance. Any documentation / drawings / certificates are to be completed in parallel with LNG and other work finished. 

Warranty – the process, funding, and timeline needs to be finalised and to be added to the action log.

IT equipment upgrade - this is required on the vessel for operational use – these also need warranty (responsibility of this – CalMac or FMPG needs to be determined).  The equipment which needs to be procured additionally and the equipment which is part of the contract of delivery (e.g. CCTV as part of the hardware of the ship) needs to be clarified – CMAL to determine for group.

Any other business

Builders trials phase 2 – itinerary shared across team from [REDACTED] prior to next meeting.

Meeting end. 

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