Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 5 September 2023

Minutes of the Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group meeting held on 5 September 2023.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)


[REDACTED]  - Transport Scotland

Robbie Drummond – CalMac


Items and actions

1. Actions from previous meeting

​​​​​​​Action log reviewed and updated version to be circulated

Action SCAD

2. Hot topics

FMPG – MCA approval for upper decks received

Below Bulkhead trunks – MCA unable to confirm date for ruling or whether 1261 required

Build schedule and cost of risk therefore unknown Will have minimal impact on 802

FMPG [REDACTED] no further incidents but progress slow

CalMac - no issues

Transport Scotland – recruitment to be progressed with SCAD input

3. AOB


​​​​​​​Meeting closed.

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