Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 29 August 2023

Minutes of the Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group meeting held on 29 August 2023.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)




[REDACTED] - Transport Scotland

Robbie Drummond – CalMac


Items and actions

1. Actions from previous meeting

Action log reviewed and updated version to be circulated

Action SCAD

2. Hot topics

FMPG – Clamshell doors complete with work on ramps next week MCA have signed off all 3 deck cabins

2 OORs closed, 14 remain open

Stairways for redesign cut – confidence on timing of works pre dry-dock good with only risk lead time on doors of 16w

FMPG – [REDACTED] a key risk and no immediate mechanism identified to terminate contract – being explored

FMPG – Workbook on below-bulkhead escapes spaces wit 2 solution options provided to MCA – no local office decision on this

CalMac – Key recruitment roles signed off and key dates for the remaining crew with TS/SG

Transport Scotland – timetabling and costing sign offs required


FMPG - 802 full MCA compliance solution being worked on for upper decks

Meeting closed.

801 Acceptance WG Action Log - 29th August 2023
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