Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 26 September 2023

Minutes of the Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group meeting held on 26 September 2023.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG


[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland


Items and actions

 1. Actions from previous meeting

Action log reviewed and updated version to be circulated

Action SCAD

2. Hot topics

FMPG – Continued engagement with MCA on below-bulkhead escapes discussed.

Update on procurement of doors for upper deck escapes, DT to update NZET update letter with procurement risk.

Continued good progress on OORs, 377/832 closed to date.

[REDACTED] on target for completion, with good progress on the compartment completion program.

Housekeeping around site to be ramped up.

CMAL – Discussion around dry-dock date 18th Dec and contingency if completion of modifications requires vessel to move to [REDACTED]

CalMac - FMEA paper to be updated following discussion with CMAL Action CalMac

Transport Scotland – Update on FMEA has been considered with regard to timetabling etc, and whilst vessel has significant capacity increase, this will impact on loading times.

Ongoing consideration of LNG bunkering and assumption that sea trials will take place from Troon – mitigation for any loss of [REDACTED] is to trial from  [REDACTED] 

Action FMPG/CMAL to develop plan for bunkering.

3. AOB

SCAD joint comms planning agreed – Action SCAD to circulate lines.

Meeting closed. 

801 Acceptance WG Action Log_ September 2023
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