Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group minutes: 22 August 2023

Minutes of the Ferguson Marine Hull 801 Acceptance Group meeting held on 22 August 2023.

Attendees and apologies

[REDACTED] - Scottish Government (chair)

David Tydeman – CEO FMPG (online)




[REDACTED] – Transport Scotland

Robbie Drummond – CalMac


Items and actions

1.Actions from previous meeting 

Action log reviewed and updated version to be circulated

Action SCAD

2. Hot topics

FMPG – Mez decks commissioned and load tested.

Hot work being carried out this week. Port side rubbers installed

Upper deck stairwells, as verbal acceptance on 1261 from MCA received the work to cut these out will begin on the forward section. Stairways ready for fabrication.

Action 009 – FMPG to send CMAL training program for decks/clamshells FMPG to demo Mez decks to CMAL

FMPG – OORs – 6 closed with 8 for sign off. 41 remaining Observations now being tracked and CMAL weekly meeting on this with

FMPG to be commenced with risks escalated to the monthly project meeting.

Action 008 - FMPG to ensure weekly OOR meetings with relevant stakeholders.

FMPG – Workbook on below-bulkhead escapes spaces has been provided to MCA, and this is being considered. [REDACTED]


FMPG confident the stairwells will be in place before dry-dock in December. It was noted that other items have been delayed – e.g. vehicle deck doors were due in May and now not expected until September. This is beyond the control of FMPG.

FMPG – contractor due to restart on site with more fit/test of LNG pipework this week, due to local sub-contractor declining to provide service.

CMAL – query whether [REDACTED] had been approached to consider the issue of dry-docking with LNG on board. This is ongoing with CalMac.

CMAL - [REDACTED]           – there is a continued need for QC checks.

Action 010 – FMPG to continue program and escalate any risks to monthly project meetings.

CMAL – concerns that new contracts have gaps in knowledge not identified at tender ( e.g. lack of marine electrical knowledge in[REDACTED]

Action 012 – FMPG procurement leads to consider key contract items for 802 and ensure ITT is fully specified with requirements.

CalMac - Discussed the need to schedule FMPG ECDIS training to allow CalMac to schedule around crew availability.

Action 004 - CalMac to confirm January 24 dates to FMPG

CalMac to share the FMEA impact assessment in advance of the next project meeting on 14 Sept.

Action 011 - CalMac.

Transport Scotland – some discussion over final passenger numbers and freight load – this is to be provided as soon as possible to CMAL, SCAD and TS to enable contract variation, and impact on timetabling/crewing to be finalised for operational planning.

Action 013 - FMPG to provide final passenger numbers

3. AOB

FMPG CEO updated on HSE visit to site –positive outcome with FMPG controls considered acceptable

Meeting closed.

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