Evaluation of the Reforms to Summary Criminal Legal Assistance and Disclosure

Findings of the impact of reforms to disclosure and summary criminal legal assistance introduced by the summary justice reform programme.


We would like to thank members of our Research Advisory Group who provided a range of practical help and advice, and our very capable research manager at the Scottish Government, Maria Sapouna.

Several other people provided advice on and access to data, in particular, Emma Milburn and Stuart Duncan at Scottish Government; Bill Reid, Catherine Cunningham, Kirsty McGowan and Helen Rae at COPFS; and Matt Taylor at SLAB. We would like to thank them for the considerable time they devoted to answering our queries and also the LCJB co-ordinators who collected and shared data on intermediate diet outcomes.

We are grateful to the many other justice professionals who agreed to be interviewed, to those who assisted with the recruitment of accused and to all those who helped the evaluation indirectly, through the data they are collecting to monitor summary justice reform. Finally, we would like to thank all of those who gave up their time to talk about their experiences of summary criminal legal assistance, disclosure and the court process.


Email: Debbie Headrick

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