Equality impact assessment: health and social care statutory guidance refresh

Equality impact assessment on the refresh of statutory guidance focused on health and social care integration authority strategic plans and annual performance reports.

Guidance Refresh - Equality Impact Assessment

Title of policy/ practice/ strategy/ legislation etc.

Refresh of the Scottish Government’s strategic commissioning plans: statutory guidance and performance reporting: statutory guidance


Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing and Sport

Lead official

Michael Ross

Officials involved in the EQIA


Michael Ross


Integration Governance and Support

Directorate: Division: Team

Directorate for Social Care and National Care Service Development

Regulation, Improvement and Integration Support

Integration Governance and Support

Is this new policy or revision to an existing policy?

After consultation through a Short Life Working Group and written public consultation, the Scottish Government will publish refreshed statutory guidance focused on integration authority strategic commissioning plans and performance reports.


Email: integration@gov.scot

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