Equality Data Improvement Programme project board minutes September 2021: paper - highlight report

Paper from meeting of group on 2 September 2021.

Highlight report  

Project name: Equality Data Improvement Programme (EDIP)
Senior Responsible Officer: Head of Communities Analysis Division (Audrey MacDougall)
Project Manager: Jon Hunter /Maisy Best
Next project meeting: 02/09/2021
Period covering: 21/07/2021 – 30/08/2021
Report date: 30/08/2021

RAG last period: N/A
RAG this period: green

Summary of overall progress 

The overall status of the project is Green as the main items are on track. The most significant achievements for this period were the analytical gathering on race data, the roll-out of the Equality Data Audit and the commencement of the intersectionality project. There are however some lower priority or movable items that have been put on hold due to staff turnover within the Equality Analysis Team.

Project achievements for this period

Project governance and administration

  • revised the Communications and Engagement Strategy based on feedback received from the Project Board at the July 2021 meeting. This is now available for review by the Project Board
  • produced a draft blog post for review by the Project Board
  • established an internal network of lead analysts in each analytical area across the SG. The first meeting of the network was held on 27 July


  • in collaboration with the internal network, commenced an Equality Data Audit on 14 August – SG analysts have until 15 October to submit returns assessing the collection and publication of data on the nine protected characteristics in key datasets used in their analytical area
  • held the first of a series of analytical gatherings on 22 July. This gathering focussed on race data –  SG analysts presented on good practice and breakout room discussions focussed on barriers faced
  • commencement of the intersectionality project – literature review is nearing completion
  • ongoing updates to the Equality Evidence Finder (EEF)
  • guidance on disability questions is nearing completion

Communications and engagement 

  • Data and Intelligence Network event held on 5 August – presented on the EDIP and held discussion
  • mainstreaming Deep Dive event held on 26 August – presented the EDIP to stakeholders and held discussion around good practice and barriers
  • carried out a mapping of EDIP projects with the ONS  Inclusive Data Taskforce to facilitate increased linkage between the EDIP and work undertaken by the ONS

Meeting with an official from the Race Disparity Unit in the UKG Cabinet Office to discuss EDIP.

Milestones/tasks planned but not achieved

Intersectionality project running slightly behind schedule due to greater available literature than anticipated. The timeline for this work has been revised, and an external commission is being considered to take forward elements of this project.  

Updates to equality question guidance notes are currently on hold due to internal staff turnover.

Plans for next period

Draft report for intersectionality literature review.

Commencement of work to identify intersectional structural inequalities (potential external commission). 

Returns from the ASD Equality Data Audit are due by 15 October – following this work we will begin work to develop an improvement plan for each analytical area.

Analytical gathering on disability data – date tbc.

Key risks

Risk no. 1: Staff resource within team – delayed recruitment of B2 Assistant Statistician
Severity (1-5): 3 
Probability (1-5): 3
Actions: in the process of scoping the possibility of recruiting a FTA Assistant Statistician instead

Risk no. 2: Equality Data Audit returns are incomplete or less accurate than anticipated
Severity (1-5): 4
Probability (1-5): 2
Actions: established an internal network to support with the Equality Data Audit. The Equality Analysis Team will meet with lead analysts from each analytical area in November to discuss returns

Project RAG status key
Red: some risks/issues require immediate attention from the Programme Manager/Challenge Owner/Lead
Amber: some risks/issues are self contained within tolerances
Green: project is proceeding on schedule

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