Self harm strategy and action plan 2023 to 2027: equality impact assessment

A summary of the equality impact assessment (EQIA) which analysed a range of data and information to inform the development of, and consider the likely impact of, the self-harm strategy and action plan on groups with protected characteristics.

Equality Impact Assessment - Results

Title of Policy

Scotland's Self-Harm Strategy and Action Plan

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy

This Strategy and Action plan's vision is for people who have self-harmed or are thinking of self-harming, to receive compassionate, recovery-focused support, without fear of stigma or discrimination.

Over the next three years, we will take forward actions in three areas:

Continue to expand and deepen knowledge and embed compassionate understanding of self-harm, tackling stigma and discrimination.

Continue to build person-centred, support and services across Scotland to meet the needs of people affected by self-harm.

Review, improve, and share data and evidence to drive improvements in support and service responses for people who self-harm, or who are at increased risk of doing so.

Directorate: Division: team

Mental Health Directorate,

Improving Wellbeing Division,

Distress Interventions and Suicide Prevention Unit



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