Energy Statistics for Scotland - Q2 2022

Overview of key facts and trends relating to energy in Scotland for Q2 2022.

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Energy Statistics for Scotland - Q2 2022 Figures

September 2022

Key Points

Scotland’s energy consumption dropped by 5.1 percentage points from 2019 to 2020, driven by a 21.5% decrease in transport consumption caused by the pandemic.

This means that overall energy consumption is 18.7% lower than the 2005-2007 baseline and we have met the 2020 target of a reduction of 12% below the baseline.

Scotland’s renewable electricity generation in 2022 in quarter 2 was 7,358 GWh – a 36.2% increase from the 5,402 GWh generated in the same quarter in 2021. This is more than 25% greater than any quarter 2 reported previously and is likely due to increased wind and East Moray offshore windfarm coming online at the end of quarter 1.

In the first half of 2022, Scotland generated 18,568 GWh of renewable electricity, up 29.2% on the same point in 2021. This increase is likely explained by higher wind speeds, increased rainfall and East Moray offshore wind farm coming online affecting wind and hydro generation.

Renewable electricity capacity increased by 10.5% from June 2021 to 13.3 GW in June 2022. This is more than four times the increase in capacity seen between June 2020 and June 2021 where renewable electricity capacity increased by just 2.2%.



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